Tuesday, March 22, 2011

344. I'll Cut U Open

one thing i've come to realize after
a few years of looking and observing,
ladies have 'cut' different from men.
(Laaa sekarang baru nak perasan?
tumpul nya kamu pocket!!?)

and by having different 'cut' on the baju,
company uniform is always a pain on the skin.
cause usually they produce the company uniform
as such that it would fit everyone.
let it be the big, the small or the tiang lektrik.

and thinking back on this,
i would say that the punifore does look
better on girls rather then the baju kurong,
(we're talking all original made here of course)
cause the nice fit on the waist would
enhance the silhouette of the wearer.
Baju kurong is straight!!
from the bust to the hip,
no dimension changes whatsoever.

then comes the tailor, girls who have money
would invest in ammending the baju so nice,
so fine, so material removing...
till that lady who walk by the bustand looking
like someone who work in Air Asia or MAS is
actually walking to the school,
SPM is just around the corner...
talk about self confident ha?

along the way, come men who have their estrogen
slightly above the others would ammend their
baju too!!
tighter on the chest and the waist just so that
the torso and 8 packs looks more obvious.
I cant understand the purpose of this,
but lets admit it. for boys who have the cut,
they look good in those kinda baju.

anyway.. Today i'm auditing a company in shah alam,
to impress me, they went and bought themself
a company uniform. light blue with the
company name on the chest.
they just got the uniform 2 days earlier.
the men look good and nice since men dont
have that much cut to take care off.

But the girls... kesiaan.
-They're wearing baju so big and loose
that if u cut the sleeve,
U can see their lowest tulang rusuk
from the hole u just made,
-There is no more pinggang for them,
all look like wearing baju kedah.
and if they would go bottomless (As if no seluar),
they would look like that lady
who woke up in tony stark house
in the morning wearing his kemeja. Uuuuu seksi!!
-but since they're not bottomless,
they look like the cleaner aunty
who wears baju pinjam.
adehlaaa... langsung tak der cutting.
langsung tak der!!

oh this audit is not going to be a fun one... :(


una berry said...

sure that company malas nak fitting everyone or it just a last mins decision just to impress the auditor. too bad la baju company xde cutting for women. i can imagine how it looks like.

HEMY said...

ko ptut ckap..ok..actually you can wear back your tight shirt and skirt..please

Cik Qemm said...

alalala kesian kat pocket la. hehehe view kurang menarik ye..


azil.eid said...

kah kah kah kah!!

but dont let that affect your audit plak.


Pocket said...

bukan malas nak fitting,
pompuan memang kena ammend sikt baju nyer, or else memang tak lawa.. humm hummm

Aku cakap!!
tapi diorang kater dah distribute so,
tak leh nak tarik balik dh

heheh, tu la,
tu yg boring tu..

surely effect!!
pocket akan bagi banyak sikit finding melampau lampau kat diorang hoh!!

zws said...

As salam..
Salam jumaat yg penuh berkah.. baca balik ur comment yg dulu2.. so singgah sini balik :)