Thursday, October 21, 2010

318. Mim, Cha, Ha

this is a sensitive issue,
i have to claim that i'm not trying to mock any race in this post.
i'm just trying to question the direction of our local TV with its
reality program that sometime can get outta hand.
(Or is it me that is still too orthodox? U tell me)

Mim is referring to the race that eats using their hands
Not much different with Ha since they too eats using their hands
but very much different with Cha who eats using two piece of wood.

Mim usually referred to as 'Pemalas' though nowadays they're proven
to be more hardworking then other race since they're too able to sit on top.
Cha however, usually referred to as the hardworking type.
And they also related with 'liars' in every sentence they pronounce.
This i tell u is a lie. Cause lately, Cha also do business in the most
honest way till u doubt it. Thinking there must be a catch somewhere.
Ha... well if u would put a string to their story line.
It'll be a big ball of strings. Berbelit belit!!
THis too i found is a common misinterpretation.
Its a human nature, not that particular res nature.

Beauty in Mim Girls, Cha Girls, Ha Girls,
I luv Mim girls since they're suppose to be the discipline type.
Yet they're naughty in their own way ^^ and the naughtiness
under those sweetly tucked tudung is much sexy from my
point of demented view.

I luv Cha Girls since they're obviously sexy...
they can wear the shortest denim pants and look good in it.
too short that u'd start to think 'is that the...?'

Ha Girls?
They're often found with full of volume.
Men would drools over those who kept their volume
in the best way. ever seen them in their traditional outfit?
Oh oh!!

and so they're making this reality tv shows finding the best
Mim girl to be dub as the winner for 2010 Gadis Mim...
the question would be...
Are Mim Girls should be out there camping in the woods?
Are Mim Girls should be wearing tight outfit till the silhouette
looks like u're naked?
Are Mim GIrls should be Camera Friendly till the viewer starts
to giggle themself?

Now come the hard part.
I am not saying u readers should be the traditional Mim Girl like
our ancestors were. Hell .. if u girls start to stop giggling,
stop wearing sexy baju kurung,
stop being naughty and happy go lucky like u do now,
then this world would be a boring place to live in.

i'm just saying that a tv show should not be emphasizing how a
mim girl should be. Cause it'll be a standard and in 5 years...
Every one would think that a mim girl is a girl who should be able
to dance a traditional dance wearing kain batik showing bit of
Gastrocnemius Muscle, being lifted by Ajnabi as she dance
here and there.

I'm just saying that no tv should set a standard to u mim girls,
and i like u just they way u are...


Ibu Iman said...

hmm... mim, ya, ra :)

Zyan said...

hah..agreed..kena eksploitasi jek..ngan syarikat baju ketat tuh..ape kes ntah

UglyPooh said...

wah..marveles entry. outspoken but soft.

I afraid the same too.

Ayaq said...

Tak pernah tengok program tu..sebab malas.