Monday, October 18, 2010

317. Girls with celak...

... and grunge look make me drools.

I am in luv with this local lady actor
who look a lot like amy lee from
More to the amy lee u see in
'my immortal' or 'burn' rather then
'bring me back to life' or 'call me
when u sober' kinda amy.

somehow, someway ...
i found her soo hot lately,
(Not amy lee.. but this local lady actor)
she actually responded to me the other day,
Which makes me luving her even more.

then i, as usual google up her photo.
Watching back some of her vdo (From her drama)
pushing the pause button every now and then
just to see that honey sweet smile a wee bit longer.

Hey!! lets name her shall we... Amy!!
The resemblance thing remember?
I am so in luv with her, i think i wanna have her vdo
in my handphone so that she can be with me everyday.
SHe acted as a wild kid once, with leather and black t shirt
like how avril lavigne use to look. Luving her then.
she also acted as a normal kid. Luving her too.

Looking at her for soo many hour,
(Downloaded two of her drama's from the net)
and then i realized...
her criteria, the character, the nose, her lips,
hair!! is a lot like someone i know previously.
oh oh!! i may be wrong!!
no i dont think i've ever fallen for amy...
i'm think i'm missing someone.

someone who i've come to cross along my path,
someone who was there. filling me up along the way.
Someone who even change my world.
Yes, i think i'm missing someone.

rindu rindu pergi la jauh,
rindu rindu tinggalkan aku,
rindu rindu biar ku jatuh,
sakit berdarah teringatkan kamu.

now u know why i'm not updating so much...
i'm lovesick.


LORD ZARA 札拉 said...


I love smokey eyes~
DO it everyday untuk ke sekolah~


Super Nia Hana said...

kalo pompuan bercelak mmg cun

tapi kalo lelaki pakai celak yg ala adam lambert tu mmg wtaahsi rasa nk karate je bulu kaki dia

HEMY said...

hahaha cm tu plak nia hana..bukan ke celak sunah..sian org tu kena karate kat kaki...

sapa ni pocket?share la..leh aku google gak

Adeeya said...

lols <3 <3

Pocket said...

mcm menarik kan:D
membesarkan mata sikit gitu:D

Hooh hooh, dengar abang HEMY ko cakap tu, sunnah tuuu..

tapi bila dibayangkan gesture mengkarate bulu kaki tu terasa macam bukan hukuman la plak :D
(Daaahh!! stop pocket before he starts to ramble!!)

heheh, malu heh..
pelakon remaja lagi,
mula la naik muntah korang tgk nanti hahahah

yer yer, camana tu?

UglyPooh said...

hoh...liyana jasmay ke....???????

Ayaq said...

For the life of me I do not know how to use pencil eyeliner...tapi liquid eyeliner memang saya pandai (puji diri sendiri heheh).

Mata saya tak elok la boh celak atas bawah. Burok benor ghope...