Wednesday, May 06, 2009

169/ Bakaarr!! bakaaaarrrr!!!...

...ala ala lanun dalam filem dulu.
I believe all of you frequently have BBQ...
...or sometime
...or maybe eventually
..once in a while?
never? ooiihhh!!!

the other day the filantera was having a BBQ event near some river nearby, since he went without me tagging along, he left some of the chicken that he
marinated for the event.
He did ask me to go though.
I refuse using my age as an excuse,
'am too old already lah bro' heheheheh

Anyway, since he was kind enough to left me with some of the chicken,
there i was grilling the three piece of chicken in a pasu bunga...
(hekkenneee terasa cam kat maktab siut... puchi grilling. eh tak..
masa kat maktab dulu kitorang BBQ guna longkang^^)
now let me tell u abit about grilling as what i've learnt in AruAruDaiJiten
(A variety show in japan every sunday nite at primetime)
Believe me, i find it helpfull
There must me no fire on the charcoal,
the charcoal should gone white n then u start grilling.
The distance between the charcoal must be about 5 to 7cm...
(agak agak laaa... jangan taruk pembaris plak yer,
kalau nak taruk jgak..sila guna pembaris besi.. heheheh)
How do u know the right temperature?
well u put your hand about ten cm from the charcoal
and try to stay untill 7 seconds, now this will differs
between men and woman, Considering ladies have
delicate skin and men are mostly 'buaya' so their skins
are 'in theory' thicker.
If u'r grilling beef or mutton, the thickness of the daging
is important, dont go and put the whole leg on top,
then u'll need a longer time to grill. 2 to 3 cm is the best,
I did tried with 5cm once, ended up eating raw meat.
But it was dark (Night time) i thought the meat was juicy,
but it was actually the blood... iyakh!!weekkk

The best question to ask then would be,
'how do u know masak ke belum?'
haaaa, yang ni pocket pun nak tanya korang... camana nak tahu yek?
tang masak tak masak ni tak reti sangat, goreng ayam pun pakai timer
kat henpon.. heheheh
Hampeh kan...


*SiRibenMerah said...

ada bbq yek.. menareksss..
hurmmmmmm~ bila mau gathering neh??

filantera said...

somehow.....ur ayam nampak lagi best laa bro! compare to ours! hehehe..

itam tu sbb black papper!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

await la sampai hanggit tuh? hahahaha.... :P

nURmALa mAZLan said...

eh....harang ke arang eh???

Zyan said...

oo..tuh kena kopek skit daging ayam tuh rasa..pastu kopek lagi rasa..pastu tau-tau dah tinggal tulang..masak dah tuh :) hahha

eL said...

hangit2 tu yg beshh tuu.. nanti kalo nak bbq ajakk me k hhehe

Adry said...

uish... bestnya... nyum nyum...

Adry @

Cik Qemm said...

goreng aym pakai timer?first time dgr ni.hehe.

saye pun tak reti

cHeRyNa PiReS said...


teringat tpt keje lame la...kalo nak celebrate sumthing mesti bbq otak je...huhuhuhu...