Wednesday, February 18, 2009

149. WeChoose

Yes yes,
previously i've posted about this and here is the sequence.
It's just like those movie where they make sequal till its way too
rediculous to let an old hero to jump, punch, fight whipping his whip around in indianaJoned pat hahahahahah

previously its about dots resembling smiley face,
and its about our mind will be looking for anything fun
or pleasant to feel good about it. (yes i think u've read it below)

now here comes a more interesting question.
if our mind connect dots into shape,
and making fun of any interesting shape we see.

Then what about zodiac?
One day long long ago,
two bored man looked upon the star and saw 3 stars in a row.
'Hey!! that looks like a belt!'
'yes!! and the star beneath it looks like the skirt of a greek hunter!'
They connected the dots and Orion comes to our life.
And i think so does pisces, leo, sagitarius, scorpio,guys!!
that is just the same as what we use to do in kindergarten!!
connect the dots.
And after a few hundreds year of creative imagination and poetic literature,
men who were born in december is a sagitarius, a half stalion half archer with
great bod who happen to luv music, good looking, pleasant to be with,
a free soul who able to live out of his suit case and imaginative enough to find
the connection between smiley face and zodiac. ehehehehhe:)

Now people... How is it that a 'dot connecting game' can tell ones personality?
better yet... How is it that a 'dot connecting game' can tell ones luck?

hows my day today, tomorrow or the whole year?
its just like banji's post 'A Personal Letter For You' where its stated
'People are categorized according to their DOB with mythical creature as a symbol.
This subconciously had opened our mind that everything said about that particular
group (capricorn, sagitarius etc) is very true.
People sometimes follow the advice given by the horoscope religiously'
yes, we choose to make it our own.

I guess we like to hope for the best,and by knowing that mid of 2009,
a sagitarius will find his breakthrough would definitely give me a tiny
light in this dark and creepy place i'm living in.
we see what we want to see,
we perceive the easiest,
we search for hope in everything(Even in dots)
For security, comfort, happiness.(Jadi tak pocket pantun?yea!!)
But people... from dots?
I know some of u might disagree,
let me hear what u think ya? :D

Polka Dots, Keriang Dots,


*SiRibenMerah said...

hurm.. keriang dots itu kan nama buah? kannn??

ouh, nk kne pakai baju polka dots la camneh.. hahaha =P
*join okeh 28th.. toksah duk gediks rasa tua.. haha =p~

**komen kamu sgt bunga2 jiwa.. ngeeee~

bendul said...


pasal tu ler tokleh pecaya menda2 nih..
bedoser tau dok..
pasal benda tu berasal dari dots,
bukan dari al-quran..

(bendul went religous for a while)

kita sama la sagittarius..
tapi kenapa nasib kita tak berapa sama..?
ever wonder..?

cHeRyNa PiReS said...


these dots are coincindence la bro...

especially when it comes to cleo mag! mmg suke letak coincidence kat situ...

i read the comments u put for sirebenmerah in your last posting:

it's about how libra gals dress...

it is a coincident dat on the same day my boss said dis to me:

" You are very colour cordinated. I have been observing since the interview."

Coincidently as well, before I left my former employer, I was voted as "THE MOST COLOURFUL PERSON" by the employees!

Dat has got nothing to do with being a Libran. It's just me. Besides, I wouldn't want to come to work with red top and green skirt...ehehe...

filantera said...

banyak nak cerita tp i make it short orait!!!

sejarahnya, astrologers dulu mark the calendar dgn melihat pada bintang. cth: "eh dah keluar laa bintang yang rupa cam senduk tu, maka sudah sampai bulan itu! mari bercucuk tanam sbb kemarau dah dekat"

lama lama, horoscope tercipta, pada zaman tanpa agama tu, diorg mula klasifikasikan by stats, yang org yg lahir pada bulan ini kbykanya encem! lalu dibuat kesimpulan sagitarian itu encem dan libran comel! virgo ultima gitu!

diorg wat carta dan susunan planet, lama lama ada satu lagi golongan yang da mula create "predictive astrology" yang mula meramal masa dpn. some (most) astrologer tak setuju benda nih. tp benda nih lebih popular sbb people always want to know wat happen tomorrow!

sebelum lebih panjang ala ala post tuan umah, kesimpulannyer, virgoan mmg ultima!:P

banji said...

yup.. orang lebih suka tahu hal masa depan dari masa silam, tapi kalau nak diikutkan astronomi, imej bintang yg kita nampak tu hanya menunjukkan keadaan bintang tu beribu tahun lepas. (sebab jarak bintang tu beribu tahun cahaya)

in short, bintang yg kita nampak hari ni, mungkin sebenarnya dah meletup dah pun :)

Pocket said...

Hooh, memang keriang dots tu nama buah:) ada yg panggil keriang kedots:) sebab dia berkedut:D

oh!oh!pocket memang kekadang terasa tua^^
Terutama bila bersama filantera heheh

Yes memang tak leh percaya,
bayangkan kita berdua yg sagitarius ni pun tak sama nasib,
aku ensem...
ko ... well... oklah!! ko pun ensem...

Well, actually memang libra camtu kot?
pandai matching colour... and u're also libra kan... kalau ikut filantera and his statistic theory, maybe jgak la orang yg dilahirkan on that particular time pandai matching colour kan?
dont u think so?

yes, maybe u are good with colours,
but ever found anyone who share's your same birthday? How are they? good with colours too?

Chuiiissshhhh!! nak ngaku diri dia ultima lah tuu!! hoh! yes, i have to agree about the astrology and statistic thing. its just like motorcyclist and their tendency to hurt more than car driver... now that's no luck. that's physics and statistic. cant beat that.

heheh, pernah mase kecik dulu ada teori yang kalau kita tgk bintang lelama, bintang baru akan menjelma,
considering kita punya eyesight tu sama laju ngan cahaya yg sampai dan cahaya bergerak laju.
apo lah kan:)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Margaret Thatcher is gud with colours:D