Thursday, November 29, 2012

591. TheAttractive

loh!! buleh sambung sambung plak!!?
bukan nya karangan citer cinta kan..
tak pun karangan citer sedih ker haper.
apooo lah pocket :D

here goes the rest of my previous post:
590. TheAttraction... 
I guess I was attracted to the waitress kot...
she was those usual faces u'd see on a fair
symetrical malay face with her hair strap
to the back, pony tail.
It was strap tightly till u can see her obvious
forehead shining in the morning blue light.
A small frame lady with long legs and obvious
waistline. somehow her upper attraction
was less but I never put that as a must for ladies.

The best part about her was her way of
communicating with the customers, I guess
soft spoken good attitude do gets noticed
ya... well of course.. that is why we ask
our younger generation to answer 'YA'
instead of 'Humm' when ever we're calling them.
THose young generation with a pinch of Scottish
accent would answer 'AYE' instead of 'YES'
hehehhe ni bukan perli yer sis cheryna
sajer jer taksengaja sebut :D

but there was a problem...
I think she's attractive.
I am practically attracted to her till
I've chosen to spend RM4 for sarapan at her
mother's place instead of the usual mamak's
but I think she's underage...
one point would be because the mother calls
her 'ADIK'.. usually adik is a term u call the
youngest one.. bongsu.
and the mother doesnt look that old. Aww!!
second point would be from her small figure.
Ohh.. dont say she's 14 and from that she
is going to grow some more!!
Third point would be because i've only seen
her waiting the table daily starting off this
cuti sekolah season, before that it was only
during the weekends... ehh!!?

cuti sekolah is effective to all level right?
from sekolah rendah tu sekolah menengah right?
ohh!! dont tell me she's 11!!!!!!!!
mati pakcik!!

tak per tak per!! 
budak upper six or 
UITM  pun cuti jgak 
kan... :D
(Iyoooolah tu nak 
menyedapkan ati)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

590. TheAttraction...

lately there is this joint that i like to go as a third place.
but then again, the time spent there was too short that
i dont think anyone would have the time to ask me...
'masuk keja kul berapa bro?'
well if there are any conversation
going on between me and the waitress or the fellow customer...
it would not last more then 3 minutes.
cause i reach that place at 705,
and i have to leave the place at 720.
mana nak mencekik lagi, nak sembang lagi..
third place? a long way to go...
but the makcik seems to know
my ammount of nasik. 'TIGA JARI'

the food was normal homecooking,
i cant call it a very special delicacies,
as the same old meal is presented in the usual way,
 from the periuk. But kerang goreng kunyit is there...
so does daging goreng kunyit. Ikan isi (?)
ayam goreng.. and best part of all..
the sambal belachan is well balanced.
(Dont u hate those sambal belachan
that puts too much asam or too much belachan?
some even puts asam jawa instead of limau.. wow!)

i guess i was attracted to the waitress kot...
she was those usual faces u'd see on a fair
symetrical malay faces with her hair strap
 to the back, pony tail.
small frame lady with long legs and obvious
waistline. somehow her upper attraction
was less but i never put that as a must for ladies.

She was... oooopppssss time is up..
have to go to work pocketeers..
will finish my karangan later ya.
yes.. this karangan is wrote today at
28thNov 645am... auto published at 845 :D

Monday, November 26, 2012

589. Laundry yang menyesatkan...

adalah tajuk yang tak der kena mengena langsung
dengan post... tapi still pocket tak pernah kisah pun
pasal tajuk kan.. so read on pocketeers:D

Lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,
i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,

as i was letting the low sound of my housemate's Lappy
break the silence of the night on the dining table. A jug
of hot milo on the side, some chips and a mountain of
fried chicken as well.
They say low carb diet is the way to go,
i'm going nasikless.. with 6 drumstick instead :D

Lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,
i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,

it was a song from 2NE1 - Lonely... 
(Look for it in the youtube okeh)
i dont know why is it that i'm letting korean songs 
penetrating the harddrive but it did. ohh 

Lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,
i'm so lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely,

then the housemate came from the kitchen
with the laundry...
'loh.. nak kata lagu lawak tak jgak, 
tapi dok ulang lelonglelonglelong... 
depa dok lelong apa?'

lonely lonely lonely...
loneley loneley loneley (As american pronunciation i suppose)
long ley long ley long ley ... 
long.. lelong! lelong! lelong! le

loh!! jadi lagu lawak yang macam 
senario mungkin nyanyikan katc tv!!
lelong lelong lelong!!! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

588. Yang Sudah...

...tu sudah sudaah laaahhhh. a saying that people would say to advice people
who are holding their grudge and kept on lingering
over the past like flies hovering over revolting shit,
(Yes.. bad memories are just like shit... the fume is
revolting, even if u thought u've washed them away,
somehow the scent still there. or atleast your mind think it is)
sometime the fly does land over the shit sucking any
sweet nectar left from the waste. Ewwwww!!!

People who once abused or once scarred from someone
dear to him/her, the pain is even more when u love them.
the pain is even more when u hope the future from them.
hell, the pain will be unbearable if it was your flesh and blood.

Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...
tak baik idup dalam dendam,

Yes yes... nothing good will come from living in grudge or
keeping the thought that one day u'll revenge his/her wrongdoings,
but we are just mere flesh that is weak inside. THe thought just
wont leave u that easily.

Dont u think that the saying above is just a mere
Oh so after he did this to me,
after all the nightmare and screaming in the night,
waking up every morning having to put the
tear-drenched pillow under the sun to dry up like
there is a 'baby' in this bujang house peeing in
its sleep.

sapa kenching tilam tuu?

Those thought of how boring hari raya will be if
its penang turn for her to spend her hari raya...
The actual plan of spending Hari Raya in Langkawi
just so that we dont have to meet her?
After all that excruciating experience,
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'?

Baaanyak cantik muka?

He should be punished.
She should public apologize and do some time.
or be my coolie and clean my lawn for the next 3 years.
Or like how that cikgu got from the movie
where Afdlin Shauki loved his daughter too much
that he beat up the teacher and he have to 'salute'
him whenever he is around.

well yes i have to agree that there is no
courtroom to judge our small petty cases.
Who's to judge? Third person from the whole case?
He/She will be bored with such small issues that
we're facing till he'll say ...
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'
Understood. But that is unfair no?
What about me?
Dimanakah Keadilan?
Forgive her? yes i did,
but I still need the justice to be brought upon her.
She need to feel the pain. Or at least regret it
with her flesh that she did it in the first place.

dont u think so?
what do u think pocketeers?
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'
tu buleh diterima pakai ker?
Cara mudah nak rungkaikan kebencian
dari satu pihak jer kot?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

587. Never Getting Any... tak!!
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.. the song.

if u look at my blog title in your bloglist,
it'll show my last post was 7days ago..
something that I promised myself not to do.
But that is it with promised.
the broken one seems to be more obvious.
The kept one? obviously oblivious:D
(Sajer je nak pakai perkataan 'obv-obv' tu..
hehehh betul tak penggunaan tu?
saper pandai english?)

Have u guys watched that Music Clips
from Taylor Swift for that song
'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
She likes to appear in her pyjamas right?
I think she have to wear that cause she's
keeping that red top and the 'small-black-short'
hidden inside.
Luv the 'one-cut' kinda music video...
shows that the director are such good in their timing.
luv this video very very much...
although the monkey guy is really annoying :D

Kinda remind me about that lady Utada Hikaru
who also did somewhat the same...
the song title was 'Goodbye Happiness'.
The Video was like it was done from the lappy camera...
(How do u put on a headphone on top of your hair?
tak terasa rimas ker?)
Luv her hair in that MusicVideo...
I know one cute lady is having the same hair
as that... saya nak kamu boleh?
sila angkat tangan :D

Oh oh!! dont forget Bruno Mars with 'Lazy Song'...
again with the monkey.. adoihlaaaa

I guess it shows that the director is really
working their brainjuice just to ensure the
timing is all correct.
and the singer need to ensure they dont mess up.
For if they trip on something or taken the wrong
prop by the end of the shooting.
its re-do from the beginning.
'CUUUTTT!!!! From the top people!!'

dont know why did I'm posting this,
just thought 'One-Cut-Music-Video' is nice kot :D
hey hey cuti lagi?
Pocket is!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

586. Survival Tips No.2

its been a week of hectic.
somehow i'm feeling pain all over
my body but i cant tell where was
it from.
Did i did it too rough last night?
Did i fallen off the bed last night?
or did i sleepwalked and picked
up a fight with a local thug and lost
oh oh.. apoo la andaian.

Today i'm going to put on another of
my survival tips as my last one was
back in August 2011...
373. Survival Tips No.1
yes.. its been a year, is this an annual
thing? lets hope i can write bout this
more often :D

'SAYANG'... this is a common name  most
men call their better half, when they call
u this.. its like telling u that they luv u,
or cared about u...
The truth was actually different.
This is just another tool for us to make
sure we'll never accidentally call u
by a different name in situations
that requires us to multitasking.

U know men with multitasking right?
They cant scratch their balls with their
right hand and operate the ASTRO remote
with their left simultaneously... this is true,
and all my readers with testosteron can verify this.

U wanna verify this? ask your men to do the dishes,
then tell him a story... change the name a few time
or change the details of the story a few times,
he wont notice... If he did notice,
check the quality of the dishes that he cleaned.
most probably it'll be 'OVERWASHED'

We call our girls sayang because of one thing,
we have a lot of girls with different names and
names lately are just so Effingly LONG!!
Nik NorFarahin Zamzuriana Ishak.. uuuiii!!!
Cant blame u for that, u were not the one who
choose... and u know what will happen if i'm with
Cheryna Pirez but accidentally called her 'Dee'
pergh!! mati!!
(Not that i have 'anything' with both of them
of course, this is just a 'Perumpamaan')

By calling her a common name,
the danger of being exposed
will be less.
so when i'm with Katy Perry..
i'll be calling her 'SAYANG'...
so the same if i'm with Charice Pempengco
'SAYANG tolong amikkan kan garpu buleh?'
and so does another 12 girls in the list.
(12 is just a random number i'm putting here okeh...
i wish it could be 12... but instead it was ...........-silence-)

macham ada jer blogger yg pocket slalu
do gi bertandang muka cam ni tapi siapa 
ya? sayang... bleh tolong angkat tangan?

Girls, if u ever being called common name like
sayang... intan payung, cinta, luv, jelly, or ketupat.
start checking will ya? :D is there a list?

Men, starts to call her 'SAYANG'
and u will never again be faced with 
that awkward moments of trying to 
change no2's name into a verb or a
nouns that would definitely sound weird.
'err shila...'
'taakk.. see la this one, looked old kan'
hek enneeeeeeeee