Thursday, November 15, 2012

588. Yang Sudah...

...tu sudah sudaah laaahhhh. a saying that people would say to advice people
who are holding their grudge and kept on lingering
over the past like flies hovering over revolting shit,
(Yes.. bad memories are just like shit... the fume is
revolting, even if u thought u've washed them away,
somehow the scent still there. or atleast your mind think it is)
sometime the fly does land over the shit sucking any
sweet nectar left from the waste. Ewwwww!!!

People who once abused or once scarred from someone
dear to him/her, the pain is even more when u love them.
the pain is even more when u hope the future from them.
hell, the pain will be unbearable if it was your flesh and blood.

Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...
tak baik idup dalam dendam,

Yes yes... nothing good will come from living in grudge or
keeping the thought that one day u'll revenge his/her wrongdoings,
but we are just mere flesh that is weak inside. THe thought just
wont leave u that easily.

Dont u think that the saying above is just a mere
Oh so after he did this to me,
after all the nightmare and screaming in the night,
waking up every morning having to put the
tear-drenched pillow under the sun to dry up like
there is a 'baby' in this bujang house peeing in
its sleep.

sapa kenching tilam tuu?

Those thought of how boring hari raya will be if
its penang turn for her to spend her hari raya...
The actual plan of spending Hari Raya in Langkawi
just so that we dont have to meet her?
After all that excruciating experience,
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'?

Baaanyak cantik muka?

He should be punished.
She should public apologize and do some time.
or be my coolie and clean my lawn for the next 3 years.
Or like how that cikgu got from the movie
where Afdlin Shauki loved his daughter too much
that he beat up the teacher and he have to 'salute'
him whenever he is around.

well yes i have to agree that there is no
courtroom to judge our small petty cases.
Who's to judge? Third person from the whole case?
He/She will be bored with such small issues that
we're facing till he'll say ...
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'
Understood. But that is unfair no?
What about me?
Dimanakah Keadilan?
Forgive her? yes i did,
but I still need the justice to be brought upon her.
She need to feel the pain. Or at least regret it
with her flesh that she did it in the first place.

dont u think so?
what do u think pocketeers?
'Yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaahhh...'
tu buleh diterima pakai ker?
Cara mudah nak rungkaikan kebencian
dari satu pihak jer kot?


H.S Wijaya said...

I have to admit,i am one of those people who keeps grudge.

well yes of course tidak menyimpan dendam tu lebih baik you said we are weak inside.

"Forgive her? yes i did,
but I still need the justice to be brought upon her." <- exactly what i thought ! but then we do not have the power to punish..

"yang sudah tu sudah sudaah laaaah" can only be applied to small things.really small things.

big things like 'oh that person is eager to bring our family down'? obviously,i'll always keep grudge.always. but when i said that, i DO NOT mean that i hope their family goes down too,i just hope that we will go to the top,and become way better than revenge ever.

tetiba teringat kat emily thorne(if you watched Revenge ,you would know),she said,'When the system fails us, we must go out and seek our own justice.' i do agree with this a little.Again,JUST SLIGHTLY AGREE,depending on the situation lah kan.

cos like they say,grudge and revenge will eat you up inside and destroy your soul.

Gillette Flores said...

Lain manusia lain hatinya memendam sesuatu.
Menyelesaikan sesuatu.
Yang penting jangan sampai memudaratkan ye Poket?

Len Inouie said...

I hate 'yang sudah tu sudah la..'
The pain is like;
Someone baru meninggal..then someone say to their relatives: 'Semua orang mati akan mati jugak' during funeral.

Is that appropriate?
Hmmm.... time. time. time.

Dhiya Fariza said...

very dont like the saying yang sudah tu sudahlah. sukahatilah nak mourning over shitty stuff lama mana pun (emo) :p

teah said...

That phrase is usually said by those who can't stand us complaining and blabbering about our problems at them, I think. Like, malas layan and so they said that just so we'd get over it... and not bug them around anymore...

Jna marcello said...

yups btul ape gill bagtw tu..
manusia lain2 hati lain2
>>>positive thinking<<<<

rengga gps said...

nice pos:) Post ini lebih baik Dari Yang Lalu :) Terus berkarya Y:) Mampir juga Y ke My Blog..:)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

kadang2 perlu kadang tak .
rasa anoyying pun ada ayat tu .
tapi kdg2 kita pun nasihatkan org macam tu bila dah tatau nak nasihat apa dah .

tengok keadaan la . pocket :)