Tuesday, November 06, 2012

586. Survival Tips No.2

its been a week of hectic.
somehow i'm feeling pain all over
my body but i cant tell where was
it from.
Did i did it too rough last night?
Did i fallen off the bed last night?
or did i sleepwalked and picked
up a fight with a local thug and lost
oh oh.. apoo la andaian.

Today i'm going to put on another of
my survival tips as my last one was
back in August 2011...
373. Survival Tips No.1
yes.. its been a year, is this an annual
thing? lets hope i can write bout this
more often :D

'SAYANG'... this is a common name  most
men call their better half, when they call
u this.. its like telling u that they luv u,
or cared about u...
The truth was actually different.
This is just another tool for us to make
sure we'll never accidentally call u
by a different name in situations
that requires us to multitasking.

U know men with multitasking right?
They cant scratch their balls with their
right hand and operate the ASTRO remote
with their left simultaneously... this is true,
and all my readers with testosteron can verify this.

U wanna verify this? ask your men to do the dishes,
then tell him a story... change the name a few time
or change the details of the story a few times,
he wont notice... If he did notice,
check the quality of the dishes that he cleaned.
most probably it'll be 'OVERWASHED'

We call our girls sayang because of one thing,
we have a lot of girls with different names and
names lately are just so Effingly LONG!!
Nik NorFarahin Zamzuriana Ishak.. uuuiii!!!
Cant blame u for that, u were not the one who
choose... and u know what will happen if i'm with
Cheryna Pirez but accidentally called her 'Dee'
pergh!! mati!!
(Not that i have 'anything' with both of them
of course, this is just a 'Perumpamaan')

By calling her a common name,
the danger of being exposed
will be less.
so when i'm with Katy Perry..
i'll be calling her 'SAYANG'...
so the same if i'm with Charice Pempengco
'SAYANG tolong amikkan kan garpu buleh?'
and so does another 12 girls in the list.
(12 is just a random number i'm putting here okeh...
i wish it could be 12... but instead it was ...........-silence-)

macham ada jer blogger yg pocket slalu
do gi bertandang muka cam ni tapi siapa 
ya? sayang... bleh tolong angkat tangan?

Girls, if u ever being called common name like
sayang... intan payung, cinta, luv, jelly, or ketupat.
start checking will ya? :D is there a list?

Men, starts to call her 'SAYANG'
and u will never again be faced with 
that awkward moments of trying to 
change no2's name into a verb or a
nouns that would definitely sound weird.
'err shila...'
'taakk.. see la this one, looked old kan'
hek enneeeeeeeee


Anum said...


Miz Pineapple said...

ow,hi..i follow u,can? XD..
Survival tips 4 men? Turning me into csi la this entry of yours...

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

perkataan sayang dah murah , dah takde value la rasenye .

Gillette Flores said...

*angkat tangan*

Eh, mcm perasan aje.
Well, nowadays, even women multitask jugak tau :)

Perhaps i could about survival tips for women soon. Lol!

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Haaaa...now I know why you're calling me sayang.

Let's check your blog list right now!!!

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

about multitasking, man are good with it, but have you notice that we cant fokus on 2 things at once? lol i just realize that

btw hello pocket! its been a long time

Dhiera nadhirah said...

hubby panggil saya sayang le~ grr

SimplySeoul said...

now the name of "sayang" is not amusing anymore...

should i insist on my real name? haha.

Pocket said...

great!! :D

heheh, sila sila,
check the DNA for that rambut inside his car too yah :D

pasal tu la kita jangan gunapakai ikut suka ati, sekarang dah jadi template tanpa makna dah.

heheh, pocket tak pernah nampak gambar kamu lagi rasanya. sila tayang sekali :D

mesti sama ngan charice pempengco :)

alaaa jangan la gitu sayang,
u tau kan bagi i u la segalanya :D

yes zuan, its been a long time bro..
jeles of u having KFC wit Hanie and Jue and all.. jeles jeles.. :D

hehehe, sila check :D

yes a panggilan manja rather then sayang would be better no.. for instance 'AMY'
baru la buleh panggil... 'amy sayang.. jangan gitu, mamak tu tak salah'
tak gitu?? muehehehe

zonaku said...

hahaaaaa..... some guys gonna kantoi becoz of u

Dee said...

luckily my husband never call me sayang..he call my name..hehehe..lelaki gatal mcm pocket je kot panggil org sayang..hahaha..

littledolphin said...

the word 'sayang' is so common nowadays.can also be applied to female friends .True story.BAHAHAHA!

one question:how is this is a survival tip? =.= ok maybe i will not see the significance now,but err.why are you provoking suspicions among the girls and women?you should keep this as a secret for the advantage of your kaum. lol KIDDING!!!

teah said...

Hi Pocket!
Well, I've heard this thing times already. hahah... Yea it's true. Sometimes I even wonder did my other half still remembers my name or not... hahahah.

teah said...

Oh btw Pocket, I changed my blog url already. From bashtiahwrites to teahwrites.

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

* geleng2x kepala *

Gillette Flores said...

Pocket, insyaAllah tahun depan Gill tayang gambar ;p

Gillette Flores said...

Pocket, insyaAllah tahun depan Gill tayang gambar ;p

Dhiya Fariza said...

tell me how to make sure that we are the only sayang a guy ever called?

rozeeta rashid said...

haha.. setuju ngan dhiya.. if all guys call their partners sayang, then how to know which 1 yang setia?