Tuesday, November 13, 2012

587. Never Getting Any...

...eh tak!!
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.. the song.

if u look at my blog title in your bloglist,
it'll show my last post was 7days ago..
something that I promised myself not to do.
But that is it with promised.
the broken one seems to be more obvious.
The kept one? obviously oblivious:D
(Sajer je nak pakai perkataan 'obv-obv' tu..
hehehh betul tak penggunaan tu?
saper pandai english?)

Have u guys watched that Music Clips
from Taylor Swift for that song
'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'
She likes to appear in her pyjamas right?
I think she have to wear that cause she's
keeping that red top and the 'small-black-short'
hidden inside.
Luv the 'one-cut' kinda music video...
shows that the director are such good in their timing.
luv this video very very much...
although the monkey guy is really annoying :D

Kinda remind me about that lady Utada Hikaru
who also did somewhat the same...
the song title was 'Goodbye Happiness'.
The Video was like it was done from the lappy camera...
(How do u put on a headphone on top of your hair?
tak terasa rimas ker?)
Luv her hair in that MusicVideo...
I know one cute lady is having the same hair
as that... saya nak kamu boleh?
sila angkat tangan :D

Oh oh!! dont forget Bruno Mars with 'Lazy Song'...
again with the monkey.. adoihlaaaa

I guess it shows that the director is really
working their brainjuice just to ensure the
timing is all correct.
and the singer need to ensure they dont mess up.
For if they trip on something or taken the wrong
prop by the end of the shooting.
its re-do from the beginning.
'CUUUTTT!!!! From the top people!!'

dont know why did I'm posting this,
just thought 'One-Cut-Music-Video' is nice kot :D
hey hey cuti lagi?
Pocket is!!


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

U pay attention to the details. Good. As long as u don't use the synonym of banjingan too much, should be okay :)

Anyway, I'm not on leave Pocket.
It's obvious :)

littledolphin said...

speaking of music video ,i am immediately reminded of the one i had to make with my collegemates which ended up terribly.hahaha!

mine with banyak-banyak break pun rasa susah.apatah lagi yang one shot terus.i am sooooooo gonna die.

p/s the monkey guy is the one with the annoyingly wide grin kan? lol

Gillette Flores said...

Never watch that MTV.
Tak berapa minat Taylor Swift sebenarnya ;p
Kalau Taylor Lautner, yes - Gill minat

Pocket said...

yes.. its obvious that u'r not on leave :D read your blog..
wanted to ask u bout the picture,

hooh kan. u of all people should know how hard it is to make a one cut video like those right?

yes.. the monkey guy with the wide grin. felt like that smile was asking for a punch in the face.

kamu niiii
taylor lautner tu dah jadi
taylor swift nyer duda dah laaa :D
(Iyo iyo jo kan ^^)

Jna marcello said...

Seriously Na blum dgr lagu ni *ketinggalan zaman kan?
so wht should i do..?

syafiqakarim said...

lagu ni da selamat di karok kan