Saturday, June 16, 2012

556. Roti Canai Favorite

today i went to eat roti canai at the usual joint,
the mamak was a little 'marah-marah' today,
blame it to the new boy who kept on taking orders,
without cleaning the pinggan mangkuk.

and i sat there on one empty seat observing the other
customer, there was one indian guy who finished his
sarapan talking to the TV
'alaaa cakapsenang laaa!! cuba buat tengok!!'
 there's another two who came just to chit-chat.
(Their teh tarik was half full)

there was also another table with one father with nice
looking misai trimmed by pro's i guess, sitting more
obviously as their skin color is fairer then all of 'us'
with his son who's hair was a bit like that guy hujan.
Helmet cut kot...
they were talking like they were enjoying their moment,
waiting for their sarapan to come.

'Roti canai please'
'having here or take away?'
'humm one having here, 3 to go'
'original or spicy?'
'ehh!!? silap kedai ker?'
No.. the last 2 line was just my imagination.

just after 2 minutes, my roti canai came.
eh? why is it that the father and son's order havent came yet? i have the feeling of being frown upon...
i can see that the son is asking his father something
and the father looked towards me. I guess he's asking....
'daddy, why is it that that guy got his roti canai first?'
now what do u think his answer will be?
ohh.. tak nak bayangkan...
How awkward the feeling is...

We are living in a world where favoritisme is practiced
everywhere, in restaurant, roads, the que to buy your icecream,
work place and even under the bridge where homeless working
hard to find a place to lay their kotak for the night.

I wonder if they too felt the same way when they're
being choose upon just because their race is the same
as their boss's.
The same way as I felt when my roti canai came first before
theirs.... The same way as that guy who got promotion
before everyone elses just because he is a....... 'RaceName'

What about u pocketeers?
Will u feel awkward if u are chosen just because your name
got 'binti' in it... Because your boss is also a lady, so she
promote another lady rather then the opposite sex.

will u feel awkward?

turned out that the father and son ordered a roti canai telur. 
that is why theirs came later then mine. ooooooooooooooo


littledolphin said...

it's like when your teacher/lect. has a soft spot for you.

and during the final exam,he came into the exam room and immediately went to where you were sitting and looked at your paper,then left. and everyone else was giving the look which in words meant,'asal sir pergi straight kat dia pastu pergi?'

or when some people(who are mostly the kids of influential people) are complaining about some political stuffs that got into the class atmosphere and are quite unsatisfied about it,and you went to tell ur ustaz,and he actually listen to what you have to say.when he doesnt listen to anyone else.

or when your high school teacher start calling you his second wife and favour you more than anyone else.

the third situation is of course the most awkward -_-'

p/s you watch desperate housewives?!!! o_o

i cant stop laughing while reading your comment.

syabab said...

yeah the awkward moment when people love me more than other..haha... jz kiddin..
or it should be awkward when your fren get more attention than youself during lecture... example like when the lecturer ask a question, he/she will ask if anyone want to answer please raise up their hand.. and you raise your hand and try to answer the question but the lecturer prefer to pick your friend who sit beside u and not even raise his hand!!! -.-""
and then you realise ur sitting with the "student kesygn" lecterer... deepak!!

Faza said...

4 years back, i have working with 'm' company.. and since i was working in accounting department, my manager is 'x' race.

and guess what, all executives are same race with their boss.. *yerk!

and it 'sucks' to see all assistant positions were the other race..

i have been working there only three 3 months coz i can't stand with the unhealthy environment.

Chuu Muqhlis said...

haha jgn salah sngka., bersebab rupanya. so xde lah rase bsalah sngt kan :P

zonaku said...


it's life.

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

It's probably being awkward for the first time..but when thinking's not your fault..hehe..the Indian that cooking Roti Canai just want to make the easier first then instead of..=)

Mya said...

eh alamak nampak pic roti canai pulak! tetiba lapar rotiiiii :(

that's life kan... hmm

Akue Achik said...

pocket order roti canai kat kfc ker?hahha

ank n bpa order roti telur tp mst dorg rsa tak puas hati jgak kan..kot2 pocket pun order roti telur tp kna serve dulu..hahaa

Hanie Dew said...

hurrmm...dulu aku jenis particular jgk pasal order sape dulu sape sampai dulu.

pasal promotion tu, hurrmm..kalau org yg dipilih tu berhak atau setimpal dgn usaha dan keje die. y not. tp kalau atas sebb lain. sgt unfair!!!..

blah je la pocket. eh pocket ke yg terpilih?