Saturday, June 09, 2012

554. BringMeToTheCircus :D

waah... its the mid of the month
and i'm broke, then out of a
sudden a light came shinin on
me, I got RM80 from my past
business travel claim.
(Which I forgotten about already)
and so there I was, waiting in
line to buy the popcorn for my
(Laaa.. simpan wit tu wat makan
20hb nanti pun tak per..
apooolah pocket)

anyway... I went to see that movie madagascar3,
yeah.. I know.. I'm old but still young at heart,
what can I say.. blame it to my housemat who wanted,
to see this movie so bad...
that they already counting days from March!! pergh!!

...anyway the movie was a total entertainment!
I was laughing all the way and KatyPerry's Fireworks
was well played with 'AFRO's dancer.
put aside logic,
Zebra will not be friend with a lion,
a tiger can never jump tru a small ring
(Regardless of how 'slippery' u are with olive oil)
and madam duboix is far too great to be a 'human'

...and watching this movie, u have to burn away the
story line as everything is soooo predictable.
when the zebra lied... I thought already that
his lies will come tru, but how will they do it ....?
is the thing to wait for :D

...but u can always relate the scene to any real
life tragedy u've once stumble on your way here.
-Working hard, sweat blood and tears to get something
but when u've got it, u've come to realize that
its the journey that matters.
-Afraid of failure till u hide behind a fierce
face hoping people wont know. people wont ask...
-and the best thing of all... a lie is always a lie
even if u have good intentions behind it.

all and all it was a good enjoyable movie,
laughter from the beginning till the end.
go on and watch, or download or pinjam member punya
DVD... and tell me what do u think :D

Voices just dont age do they?
melman's voice is just the same as the first MADAGASCAR,
I hope my voice wont age too :D
Hey!!! some say my voice is 'merdu' u know!!
give me your phone no and u can listen to some sample ^^
(Adik adik sekalian, sila ignore usaha pocket nak
mendapatkan fon no kamu yaa)

so what is next? BRAVE!!!!
always have a thing to 'small-small' lady^^;


littledolphin said...

i am a fan of animations! supposed to watch this tomorrow but my bestfriend is having her finals .so maybe next week! :D

but then again that depends cos she might wanna watch prometheus instead (whatever spelling it is)

but since she promised to let me choose the next movie,so i think there's a high chance for me to watch this xD


oops sorry sorry

i think voice only age based on phase of life,like from babies to kids then to adolescent then to adults and then very old people.i think la. err.

one question:is there a lot of kids and parents over there?cos you see,the last time i watch an animation,i think my friend and i are the only people without kids there. lol (well that if you consider me as young adult instead of a kanak-kanak :p)

p/s i think your housemate is a kid.yours perhaps? :)

zonaku said...


pegi tgk madagascar x ajak....

nak nangis laaa

Aemy Shamy said...

hey where have u been??
madagascar!!! it's back! i really wanna watch this..would be my entertainer next weekend! ^^

Pocket said...

go on and watch it sis,
somewhere in the middle,
i did came to wonder why was
the lady on my left smells so good.
... and was thinking of a way
to 'brush' my nose on her,

but then i came to my senses
and start focusing on the movie
again after the zebra worn the AFRO hair :D

olololooo... jangan la nangis,
nanti kita gi tengok citer lain plak
yer :D
so... ayam goreng kita bli tak?

was out and about,
and somehow cant find my way back home.
ohh.. penin penin...
but i'm back!!
maybe not as usual post as before.
but i'll try to reach my target of
4000post by end of the year
(sure tak dapat !!! adehhhh)

SimplySeoul said...

i havent watch madagascar. will. soon. very. anyway you said about bringing kids to movie. there were few kids in the cinema hall when i watched snow white few days back. i think our kids perceptions towards fairy tale just got crushed like in 5 minute. haha.

Cik Pulau said...

tak tengok lagi... huuuu~~

Elysa Sofia said...

Wahh minat lagi rupenye cite2 camni.hehe Im not a fan of this movie series,and maybe not a fan of cartoons/animations. Hulk pun tak minat.huhuhu

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hii..nice to meet u..yups..madagascar come again..i love it..the graphic and animation of this movie very attractive right..=)

Hanie Dew said...

wuwuwuwu...last week nak tgk cinema seluruh KL ni penuh.xnak la dpt seat row tepi.tak puas hati tgk visual.cuti sekolah kan.

siri madagascar ni feveret sepanjang zaman.

kemain pocket dpt claim terus joli.haha.xpe.janji enjoy.hiburkan hati.

Cik Pulau said...

huuu.. tak tengok lagi ni..
nak tunggu donlod je aci tak?? heee~

El-Janna said...

xde masa nk p tgk:(

El-Janna said...

xde masa nk p tgk:(