Tuesday, June 12, 2012

555. Yess!! finally!!!

Metaforical story, Bad Bad me...
Lets just say that me and farid are working here
in this company making artificial color for paint.
(i'm not... but just as a way to tell u this story
without jeopradizing my personal life on the line)

Me and Farid as u know are the best friends ever,
We were circuimcise together back in the 60s,
Ran from tok mudim and hide in hutan pisang with
nuttin on other then a t-shirt and a kain pelikat.
(iyer la! nak pakai apo lagi?
snow cap? ingat korea ker aper?)
We went to school together,
selling petai together,
Fell in luv with the same lady,
Hating the same teacher,
and now... thanks to him, I got to work
in this kilang making paint.... together.

There was this project that our management came
to announce the other day, a project that if I win,
it'll change my life forever! its big!! huge!! gigantic!!
I can even consider buying a two storrey corner lot
house by the end of next yer if I win this,
ohh i want this so bad. I would do anything to win this...
and so all of us did.
we slept in the company for 2 straight weeks!
worked all the juice in this small brain of mine
till there is no more juice inside, I ended up
having a hard time deciding which way is home then after.

but the result turned up not as forgiving as I hope.
I ended up number 2, Farid was the winner.
Well I am happy for him of course,
now he can become the manager to a new department.
Waaahhhh... Pas ni buleh la nak menumpang AUDI :D
Congratulation Farid.

Yesterday Farid got involved in an accident.
his wife called me at 11pm.
'...so please datang yer,
dia dengar suara abang cik mesti dia ada semangat
nak keluar dari koma dia, abang cik datang yer..'
'ok ok.. abang datang sekarang' I replied.
As I was placing the gagang, I smiled.
'yess!!' my hand clenched a fist holding it high
the outdoor aquarium room by the side of my
2 storrey's corner lot house seems within reach now.

end story,

pocketeers, jahatkah pocket?
kawan dalam kesusahan tapi first thing yang pocket
pikirkan adalah apa yang buleh pocket profit
dari kesusahan dia.
Now now... remember that this story was a metaphorical story,
I am not working in paint factory,
there was no pertandingan,
there was no farid,
there was no audi...

but there is someone whom I am hoping him to die,
not from the office but from my real life, 
there is a price that I would be getting if he
crash and burn on the kilometer 6 after SgBuloh
and there is an outdoor aquarium room that I was hoping to establish.

Pocketeers, Pocket Jahat ker?


Faza said...

haha u know what ..
i think u r not the only person in the earth wish some1 to die.

we could feel satisfied/winner if 'some1' we wish to die is truly died.
maybe he/she did something harsh or cruel to u..

do u believe in 'KARMA'?
i guess he will get back what he give to u!

Cinta Misteri said...

Sikit jahat la..suposely u put a side all those thg, become mnger, 2story houz, audi & I sugest u now sit beside farid & rewind back all u'r sweet moment wit him.

U all msti noti giler dulukan...

Cinta Misteri said...

Faza...can not like tht..sory to say.
They r buddy, and fight 4 d project pun secara sihat.
Listen to me pocket. Allah sdg brbicara dgn kamu, Dia nk lihat bgaimana kamu hadapi semua ini. Dugaan Allah ada byk jns, this is 4 u.

HEMY said...

tak jahat lah....
tak jahat lah....

eLL said...

nakal je sikit kot. hehehee

Hanie Dew said...

aku rasa mungkin dari sudut pandangan dan kisah sebenar ia nya tak berapa nak jahat bg ko pocket.tp mendoakan yang tidak baik berlaku pada seseorng terang terangan bukan bende baik punn..

xde jalan lain ke?

littledolphin said...

i visualise the story inside my head especially the scene where you get the phone call,and yes if that story turns out to be a drama,and i am an audience,my brain will definitely process you as a bad character.

mendoakan someone mati sebab mengharapkan rezeki yang lebih baik dari kesusahan kawan?,yes -it is really bad,my friend. your action is ,but not you.there's a difference in those two :) i know you are not bad,just sometimes we as humans lose control over ourselves.like me,despite my innocent and naive look ,i do think the same things too sometimes.I do think evil stuffs in my head.

well yes it is understandable to be hoping for someone to die if that someone did something bad to us(not saying it's right,am just saying it's understandable),but to hope someone die because you can gain some profit from his death?i think that's way too extreme,kawan.kalau ya pun,janganlah sampai doakan dia mati T_T.doakan dia jatuh kecundang sudah la.

rezeki can come from various sources.Not just from his death,kawan.

there must be some other way.i do believe in you,kawan.you can do better than this!

Dee said...

noti sket jelah..tp kan lebih baik mendoakan orang tu cepat sembuh walau dia musuh kita dari mendoakan dia mati cepat..unless dia tgh terseksa..huhu..

anamizu kaito said...

hurmm.. tu lah tu.. suppose pocket harus mendoakan yg baik lah.. kan agama kita pon melarang kita mendoakan yang tidak2..

i agreed dgn cinta misteri.
and not forget what shaheizy sam
ckp dlm iklan kat radio2 tu:

"biar org buat kita, jgn kita
buat orang"

so rasenye pocket tolak tepi lah
yg negative ape smue tu.. dan kan,
sllunye Allah nk test kita ni,
mcm2 cara..

mybe ni slh satunye pocket :)

cik ana

Shafiq said...

Man, I really thought the story was real! Hehe. By the way, it do happens in real life.

cikwahidaidris said...

tak baik tau ambik kesempatan di saat org tgh ditimpa musibah. what if u in his situation right now?

Cik Pulau said...

xtau nak kata..
pocket ni jahat ke??? hahhaa

zonaku said...


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

ahaks..how come oo..why u want someeone to die..hehe..

ch000tz axoera ヅ said...

sikit noty lah heheheheh :p

Aemy Shamy said...

if i were Farid & knew your intention, i'd be super sad..huhu..
honestly, that's bad, buddy..we can't wish someone to die so that we can get what we want..sometimes we have to wait. if you really want to get something, do it properly ok :)

Fatin Mraz said...

haha.. pernah jer terfikir camtuh gak..tp bukan kat kwn.. kat boss yg sgt annoyying.. hahaa..

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Jangan doa orang cam tu..Kalau hati kita ikhlas, insya Allah tuhan balas yang lebih indah dan lebih baik daripada apa yang "budak farid" tu dapat.