Tuesday, September 29, 2009

204. Fantasy Question...

...Humour Me,
U set off to sleep, wearing your baju tido, baju kelawar,
kain pelikat maybe not wearing anything at all.
The smell of mint from the toothpaste still lingers,
holding a candle on a candle holder.
Putting it slowly on the meja, making your bed.
And as u are finally in your bed...
well wrapped in the bedsheet, all comfy and cozy,
u blew out the candle lit.
tali tu berbara sekejap dan padam 6 saat kemudian.
(Kenapa lilin? macam pilem barat dulu dulu plak..)
Tomorrow u wake up to the room u use to woke up
when u'r still 17.
For the pocket, it'll be the white sheet on a wooden bed
with table on my leg side, locker on my head side.
Drawers to maggi supplies at the bottom of bed.
Yellow light from walk way of block C MRSM Beseri 1994

There u are... 17 again...
after confirming the situation,
It seems like all those dompet hilang at the surau,
engagement party and a few hundreds of masak lomak
served was just a dream. (Taking princess Liyana's example)
All those trip to japan, having to meet yana the wife,
Naufal the kid, Bundle the pocket was a very vivid
dream dat happened overnight(bendul's example)
and Filantera... those trip to redang never happened.
(i am jealous of your trip, that's why am writing this)

U took the initiative to confirm. U went on with the day,
following your instinct. The same thing happened as the dream.
Pocket got 18 aggregate for SPM, (Thanks to Lukisan, or else it should be 23 wahah)
failed the first interview to japan, got in by the second.
UM Greeting party from our sempai was ...'interesting'

The question: What will u do?
Will u start living like u use to live?
taking the path u took, meeting the same people,
but with a few inside into the future,
Where u dont leave your dompet in your bag at the surau,
work earlier as an exec at that milk producing kilang just to
meet MrSate earlier, beware of that lorry dat hit titot,
the 3 hari 3 malam story, the speech contest ayaq took,
Strive the best u can in those war dat u've previously lost.
(Regretting the fact that u didnt memorize the 4D number
on each days of the week in your dream, or else 'Pakcik kayoooo!!!')
will u took another path instead,
taking a whole new life,
trying to change everything,
Marry the pilot,
Insist on going to UK,
Take dat offer as a nurse in UK in your early 20s
Play profesional hockey player,
never even took MissSuhana as a student at your school.

hummmm i wonder.. Which will u take?


Najlaa Raihana said...

love the way you describe things b4 you went to sleep in the first para..especially the "toothpaste" part...=) very...er..imaginable? i would say..

if i were given the chance to turn back tyme....i...would certainly flip my life 180s! if i were to do the same thing more again..wouldnt it be deadlyy boring? just try sumthg better n new..hehe

baru lepas tgk 17 again ke? ...=p

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

hmmm...if i have the chance to do what i should be doing earlier:

---> i would've called BPR/ or send an email to my MD regarding "that woman"

but then...if I reverse my life and change the not-so-good things which happened in the past, i won't learn.

because my goal is not to repeat the same dream:)

oh...there's one thing I would like to change though:

---> If I found this blog "sooner" than "later"...what will happen agak2nye?


Zyan said...

huh..tingat cite adam sandler pasal remote control tuh..lupa la tajuknyer..menginsafkan, pocket dah tgk ke?

tak setuju jgak apsal guna lilin nak tido..awat umah takde letrik ke?? hahhaa

erm..thinking of it kan..nak ikut the same path but mcm nak suh org kat highland tower kosongkan bangunan masa dia nak runtuh..nak suh adik nurin jazlin dok umah jer..nak suh orang acheh tinggalkan acheh masa tsunami..etc..

camno tuh??

KoudaGaijinsan said...

hmm...life full of surprise.if we can predict what going to happen,tak best ler ye tak?
tapi ada juga la yg kekdg kita terfikir,best jugak kalau tau & kita boleh elak awal2..
btw, tajuk citer adam sandler tu "Click"..err..nak ubah supaya Melaka tak jatuh ke tgn Portugis & Sultan tak diperdaya Inggeris serahkan Perlis & Penang boleh tak hehehe

banji said...

Personally I think nobody will change anything in their life.

We will always try to find comfort and safety in our life. What better comfort and safety than to relive our life the same way. Examples are like the same career, the same course in college etc.

But we will definitely try to change those small moment that may not be that significant at all. Examples are like going all out for that girl who work with you at OCEAN, etc

You need to watch "Groundhog Day". The story of a man who wakes up the same day, and how he tried all possible possibility until in the end, he knew every detail about the people in the town, knew every skill there is to know ice scuplture, playing piano etc. :)

Pocket said...

Waahhh!! we can see varieties of answer here.
pocket sukaaa!!!

love thos detail description?
U should dig in deeper in 'tomypocket'
u might enjoy...

flipping your life in a totally different direction?
Now this is interesting, banyak la pengalaman yg berbeza kan.
Study luar negara? pernah.. uk for 6 years,
study dlm negara? pernah jgak, UKM for 5 years,
but u'r still in your 20's kan:D

Considering u remember your dream lah kan :)

The BPR thing is so totally out of your current anger kan? u might not be remembering todays grudge then u know.

but your point stand.
i would be stabbing my superior at that MrDonat place. huhuu.. why? well thats another story.

learning from your mistake ya,
yes, couldnt agree more,
but to learn from own mistake would take a lot of cost and damage, the wound may leave scar.

u know the mistake done from your dream,
prevent it,
and live better so that u can learn some more,

it would definitely change alot if u've found this blog earlier... but then again how early?
humm humm:D
(Soalan cepu mash tu^^)

Rumah ader lektrik,
tp tingatkan pairet of de karibien punya keira naitli yang pocket tulih gitutu :D heheh
terlampau imajinasi kah?

waah, yan ni memang a good doer lah,
kiranya nak gi set the fire alarm kat World tred senter beberapa jam sebelum trajedi 911 lah?
bagus tuh, tp kalau polis tangkap,
mesti diorangkaitkan yan ngan pengganas tu.
kiranya yan the pengganas yg tobat kot.
gitu gitu,

tp masa tu kita duk tgk iron giant kat mezon iida kan?

Pocket said...

yes, btul tu...
tp surprise yg besh memang lah dinantikan, contohnyer kalau gaijinsan balik nihon n blikan pocket PSP as a hadiah ker...

tp surprise yg mintak-simpang tu kan... kalau buleh tak nak pun tak per kan:D

benda benda besar cam gitu tak yah tukar pun tak per... pasal kalau kedah n perlis masih senegeri...
pocket yg GC n gaijinsan yg KSS
takkan berjumpa di MRSM beseri kan? heheheh
(Syarat nak gi MRSM kna lain negeri katanya..)

GroundHog Day!!
ingat ingat, dia punya la boring sampai tetiap ari dia bunuh diri.
but woke up the next morning the same time the same day,
just imagine, people kept on saying dat they dont have the time.
But if they do.. they got bored with their life and wanting to move on.
humm hummm

Ocean!! adehlaaaa...
but i can say dat i wont be taking that wretched talipinggang in CityPoint:D

so banji's vote will be...
Still going to maktab mahmood?
(Luv your white outfit bro...)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

"work earlier as an exec at that milk producing kilang just to
meet MrSate earlier, beware of that lorry dat hit titot"

---> guess that u understood better than others right?

how early? as soon before I detected the word "my girlfriend". hihihihi...

Super HaNa said...

pocket sgt pandai buat ayat2 detail gitu..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

erm... kalau boleh turn back time, amy tak keluar hari Sabtu yang menyebabkan titot dilanggar lorry itu. hehehehe....

btw, banyak benda yang amy regrets. amy pun nak start life dlm 17. nak study betul-betul. leh g oversea cam pocket. then, carik pakwe amik course doktor ke. silap-silap skang dah kawin kot dengan doktor. kehkehkehkeh....