Monday, December 08, 2008

133. Vandalist Pocket

Why is it that recently i am having this urge...
feeling of doing vandalisme to the things around me?
its like the need for food,
the need for sex,
the need for pleasure,
the need to shed tears,
the need to bath...
and not to forget the toilet.Felt like i wanna use a good slingshot that i can
buy from the internet and shoots marble (Or simply pebbles the size of cucur kodok heheh)
from a moving car, aiming at the coming car
on the other side of the road, just for the fun of it.
10points for Cars (Additional 10 points if the windshield is cracked)
5 points for lorries,
20 points for motorcycle visor. (Additional 10 points if the rider is shot down.. hehehe)

Felt like i wanna paint the building with my 'P' Mark,
as big as i can paint. I dont have any money to buy
the paint so i have to steal them ofcourse.
And proudly show the 'P'mark till u can see it from
the nearby Jusco. wahahahahaha!! Pocket rawks here!!!
Felt like i wanna stand on a three storrey building in
the middle of the day, tossing eggs to the car parked below.
(Lets aim that Black Sentra only and let see how many i can hit)
I wonder, will the egg hardened after 3pm?
cause on a sunny day, the car surface is kinda hot.
it'll be like fried egg!! sunny side up!! yeaaaa!!!

Felt like i wanna burn 8pcs of worn off tyres in the dark of the night outhere in tapah highway and do the fire dance. Not much damage that i can do, but the fire mark will definitely leave a black mark on the road.

But since i dont like to be shot by marbles when i'm driving or feeling revolted by the hundreds of eggs covering my parked car. Hardened till i have to scrape off the 'sunny side up' away. With tower of fire accompanying me providing me light though i'm terrified of it.

I guess i dont want to do any vandalisme then.

and i hope no one would do it too. Hoh!!
(Any urge of vandalisme in your heart lately?)


A t i Q a h said...


A t i Q a h said...


Pocket buat graffiti kat longkang besar depan Sogo tu. Mesti glamer nanti. Hoho.

mim.ya.ra.alif said...

apa sudah jadi ni???

Pocket said...

Hooh, Memang anda first, heheheh

buat grafitti kat depan sogo?
glamer pasal lukisan ku yang menarik ker?
glamer masa kena tangkap dek pak pulisi?

heheh, sometime memang terasa nak wat vandalisme sket. tp satu perasaan yg tak sihat la kan?

Ayaq masak said...

saya mau baling belon air.

make it better.

belon cat.

Pocket said...

Good!! something like that...
tp nak baling kat sapo tu dik?
lepaskan dari tingkat 20 kebawah besh!!
dari tingkat tiga jer kalu,
anda kena pakai topeng sikit.
takut orang cam:) eheheheh

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i tot i can run away from the word vandalism, mr pocket! hearing dat word quite often lately (u noe the manufacturing industry really well, kan?).

selamat hari raya, bro!

Nurmala said...

tlg la jgn melepas kan kreativiti anda pada dinding2 yg tak bersalah..wakakaka

Pocket said...

kalau kat kilang tak der vandalisme , tak sah la dik:) heheheh
kat toilet tu tempat nak luahkan perasaan...
One word to them:
Blogging lah oi!!

heheh, kalau lawo kira ok lah kan:).. but then again, kalau kat umah pocket yang tercinta, ado plak taruk kata kata nista...
tak suka jgak hihiii

9:50 PM

bendul said...

aku nak pancitkan tayar2 moto mat2 rempit yang paking tepi jalan tuh..

pastu nak cabut senyap2 stereng lori2 yang selalu mengganas kat jalan raya..

aku nak bogelkan pegawai kerajaan yang selalu mintak rasuah kat orang.. aku nak bogelkan senyap2 masa diorang tengah bertugas..

means, bendul vandalise dengan tujuan baik.. like robin hood..

buleh kira ker..? aci ker..?