Friday, February 22, 2008

26. IdeaInAPOcket

I have this saying.
an idea.
its not much of an interesting idea,
not much practiceable anyway,
its just an idea.
but still i wanna tell u bout it pocket.

'friends is like knowledge...
Good or bad, best to know it all'

knowledge can help u when u'r having problems.
knowledge about what? well u'll never know till
u meet the problem. If the problem is about
understanding your spouse.
Then a bit knowledge about psychology would help.
Maybe a bit about those virgo, scorpio, sagitarius
thing would give a pinch of solution.

now if the problem is healthwise, then Biology
Chemistry of Kemahiran Hidup might help.
(btul ker?)

now that goes the same with friends,
u'r having problems, one friend can help,
another can give an idea on how to solve the problem.
u need all the friends u can think of
to solve your problem.
Now i'm not saying that u'r so unreliable enough
that u need help in everything u face tru out
the day. i'm just saying... 'it helps'.

so friends being same as knowledge must be hold
dear by us. good or bad... they'll come tru for us,
dont never ever forget a knowledge cause u never
know what might laid waiting for us in the future.
A problem might struck u in the head and the
solution may only from a knowledge that u've once
(same like maki hamun kawan tu sampai dia tak mau
kawan dah..hahah... ayat budak darjah dua)
then u'll have to solve the problem using other method.
other connections.

how to keep your knowledge fresh?
well, keep on studying the subject.
practice it tru out the day.
how to keep your friends connected.
Well basically salam everytime berselisih bahu,
teh tarik ocasionally
knduri kawin, knduri berkhatan, knduri keshukuran

So now i'm writing a list of people who i'm going to at
least try to go to their wedding.
not to say that others i'm not gonna try but these guys
will get first option should the wedding clashes.


Ceera said...

saya pernah tak pergi my bestfren wedding, huhu... tapi dia dah divorced, so... kali ke 2 leh la pergi, wakakaka...

Pocket said...

that's the same thing i've been tellin all me frenz who i forgot to invite to me wed.
'alaa... kalau aku kawin nombot 2 nanti aku call ko la plak...'

(tak nak tak nak!!! satu ni pun dah penat ^^)

mummyvaio said... dah kawen tak tersenarai le yer...hahaha