Thursday, February 28, 2008

28. DreamBig

So Pocket,
this is the first time me comp can actually be connected to the net in a week.
excuse me for the long absence. it was unintentional
the phone bill was unpaid for RM250. dats why the t*l*kom cut me line.
u know pocket...
i just got married. The wife dont wanna let me
out of her side even for 10 second.
(well...cant blame her... newly wed syndrom la katakan)
but the problem is i may need to go to Singapore
again next week. To audit another supplier which
will be making a chrome part for General Motors
Car Audio. Wow...
So How haaa?
I got this crazy idea that i'm gonna pay for her
flight ticket and request her to dress up as my
PA(Private Assistant)
How is that? what is she gonna do all day?
she can goreng bihun for me.
she can just be there and look cute for me.
she can always do the audit with me!!...
dont know lah...

Today i've dreamt of Mr Big.. which is a big deal
since he is one of those character u dont wanna
have in your dreams. The dream was...
I was imitating his voice,
everybody was laughing
and he turns up standing at my back!!
hands on the waist biting his lips.
'ooo.. ini yer kerja awak pocket!!'
I panicked!! gave him all the excuse i could've think of
he was mad at me, start to marah marah...
what did i do?
i mimicked his speech
i mimicked his gesture
n i turn to see all me frenz, they're actually
enjoying the show...
laughing ... clapping ... smiling
wah wah wah wah... n i woke up.

i've told to me colleagues about this dream.
he is not from the same department.
he laughed...and asked 'hang takut ka kat Mr Big?'
well ...its not takut... but more to respect.
i mean he is the captain anyway...
'heh...aku tak takut sket pun kat Mr Big'
well easy for him to say, he's not from the same
its not fear la pocket...
its more to segan...
its more to hormat...
its more to looking up to him as a captain...
Well then why do u imitate his speach?
That was a dream lah pocket
did u ever do it in real life?
aaaaaaa...... i dont wanna answer dat:D
So Pocket.. u got your own Mr Big ?
Do you imitate their speech? their behavior?
just to make fun at their back?
hummm...just do not kantul lah pocket...
The increment is at stake.


Azzam Supardi said...

Bak bihun sikit heh!

bendul said...

hoho.. once pernah mengumpat the Japanese GM in front of toilet with my Japanese FM, then after finished ngumpat, the GM came out from the toilet.. That time was November, and bonus is December..
(Patut rasa macam sikit jer bonus ari tu..)