Thursday, December 13, 2007

3. Reevaluate

missed yesterday... n for that i am sorry.
will promise a double post in next.

i came back from kg just now. n just to my luck ... it was raining.
it got better when i have to wait for 6 minutes for the train to pass.

n then i was wondering... dont nobody ever suggested to the
gate keeper that the time they're putting on is a little bit too long?
have they ever evaluated when is the right time to close the gate n
after how many minutes does they need to open.

i mean... there i was... wondering where is the train... n it was four minutes later
that the train comin pass slowly...

japan have lots n lots of trains. they even publish books of trains schedules
for all japan which was as thick as a McD double cheese burger. n the fonts was
not even 8 size... more like a 6 or 5...
but still their trains doesnt kacau the car traffic.
n the gates closes at only a mere 30 seconds.
add in 10 seconds maybe but still the time is far too short comparing from what
we have ere.
I remembered i've fallen asleep while waiting for the train to goes by.

re evaluate anyone?


Ikeda Jin said...

to poket,
mggu lps ada keluar kat tv jepun nih ha.diorg buat tinjauan,lama tak menunggu gate ketapi nih buka especially waktu peak hours.
They even have monitors showing how many minutes (yes in minutes not seconds) do we have to wait..because nihonjin cepat ira ira suru..hmmm...4 minit pon diorg kata lama..kalau tggu densya msia??tak tau ler apa jadi..heee

Pocket said...

well... actually kalau tengah tahan nak buang air tu kan...
40 saat pun memang ira ira heheheh...

kalau tunggu densya kat malaysia kalu... memang diorang langgar jer penahan tu regardless of the rules hahahahah...

tte ii sugiru kanaa?

bendul said...

even pernah sekali sangkut giri2 lepas gate tutup.. tunggu punya tunggu, gate bukak balik, without anything lalu.. wtf..?

Ikeda Jin said...

cakap pasal tersepit..hari tuh 10% terkepit kat lif kaisya..abunakatta!!!..huh,fobia dgn lif.toiuka siut jerk makhluk dlm lif,bkn nak tekankan butang buka tuh...