Monday, June 13, 2011

353. LuvSparks

Love Sparks is the feeling u felt when u thought
there was a connection between u and the opposite sex.
that feeling when she gave u her most honest smile.
or when u accidentally touched her finger,
and instead of tugging it away, she hook
your finger with hers.
(Even though for 1.2 second, hell it was worth it. No?)
The feeling of being accepted.the feeling of being in love.
the thought of having a assumption,
that she may be in to you too.

now this love spark thingy happen
only for a few nanosecond.
but the effect would last the whole day.
u'll start to notice the cool breeze even if
u'r the police traffic in the middle of a junction
controlling traffic at noon.
u'll start to notice that the sky is beautiful.
and somehow birds are singing more and more ..
even if they're actually cursing each other.
U wont know. u dont speak birdsn one thing for sure,
u'll smile all day long.
wait a minute, dont get me wrong,
love sparks doesnt mean
both the boy and the girl are feeling it.
It can also be 'single sided'ly perasan sorang sorang.
never matter. perasan sorang sorang pung still happy.

love sparks would change the worldwould definitely change u...
make u brush your teeth just a wee bit more,floss? waaaahhh.. :D
make u wanna go jog today,
hoping u'll meet her tomorrow looking slightly thinner.(As if)
make u wanna keep some money in the bank,
her birthday is in October, maybe u can get her something nice.

its one of the best feeling one can feel.
it is one thing everybody is longing for.
i think i've had mine recently.
it was when i sent an sms and a long heartful reply
was within 6 seconds. Kecik nyer sebab kan?
i know..but there was a spark.n i got hook.
haaaiiihhh.. i think i'm luvsick,

Pocketeers, i'm having mine, have u had yours?


una berry said...

I had mine and it was doomed!
lol, glad u finally had urs
who knows it'll be ur so-called true love kan? ecehhhhh

fairuzniza said...

pocket, i have had mine and now me and the person who caused the luvsparks are now counting the days.. :)

Pocket said...

wah!! betapa buruknya keadaan sehingga perkataan yg anda gunakan utk menyifatkan nya adalah 'doomed'!!?

tapi pasti kamu lebih mengetahui :D..
this one? not so true love, but still i'm flying without wings :)

U go girl!! i hope the counter is not that long :D

lieya orange M.I. said...

hye pocket...miss u..hehehee

pocket, love spark ni mmg mcm mula2 bercinta je hangat
once that guy olready got his girl, they will not act same as first they are.. :p

Pocket said...

am missing u too :D

yes yes, that comment of yours is actually a spoilers of what i'm going to write after,
hummmm.. tak aci la u dah bagi tau duluuuuu!!! :D
(Sambil menghentak hentak kaki ke lantai manja)

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

I had mine long-long time ago and i still can feel it, macam baru semalam', hehehe...
Hmm, dapat bayangkan your feeling when u found the luvsparks. The feeling is so goood, bak kata orang kata, tidur tak lena, mandi tak basah (sebab pocket asyik berangan sampai lupa mandi).

Adila said...

none lately xD

*goes for love hunt* :P

ninadw said...

my lovespark to my fiance.. hanya terjadi masa jumpa mula2. after that dah takde.. means, biasa je la. hahaha.. mgkn sbb dah tau he's the one.. :p

emm sorry, out of topic sket..
cuma nk minta pocket change my URL.. im not using that adwthingy.blogspot anymore.. heee..

tanpa-papan-tanda.blogspot is the new one.. thx nway.. ;)

*SiRibenMerah said...

over tau nk feeling2 camtuh..
sekeh kang.,..