Tuesday, June 07, 2011

351. A Happy Day -Four-

Oh Pocketeers,
my internet was not working last week,
since i'm not paying my TM Net bills regularly,
i tot it was cut down, so i left me housemate lappy alone,
but instead all it take was to shut the modem down
for a while and the whole thing is connected again.

Rabbit was hurt and she wont stop crying,
they did everything they could, its a happy day
and everyone suppose to be happy.
They change the eating location from the table
to the water edge, eating around the crying Rabbit,
Squirrel put food on the plate and give it to her,
she just left it alone.
Dog and Cat stand on the floating turtle
and did a stand up joke but rabbit kept her face
to the other way, The stand up joke was not working,
Dog start to chase Rabbit like a father chasing after
his daughter faking it like he was to chew her leg,
'gigit diaaaa!!am! am! am'
but rabbit just wait and let dog chew her leg,
giving him the nasty look.
leave me alone,
i hate this,
i hate u,

Cat tried to charm her,
but now its her time to ignore him,
when all was lost, they left her alone.
Thinking that she would calm herself up
and start to run with them on the fields playing
tuju tin. oh how they've run on the fields frantically.
Making it looks like fun, hoping that Rabbit
would cheer up. But Rabbit kept her silence.
in her heart there was nothing but hate.
hate it that Squirrel dropped the cake,
the cake was suppose to impress Cat,
the cake took 2 hours to prepare.

In the end, the tuju tin session ended.
they packed, clean up the mess.
put all the food meant for Rabbit to have
in her basket neatly, it was still early,
but they head home anyway.

No one talked along the way, all was sad...
because Rabbit was sad.
Oh Happy Day.


hey hey, cheer up will u,
jangan la sedih sangat ok... ^^


cikpepel said...

baca pasal rabbit ni terasa macam kembali zaman spm...baca buku perlumbaan kedua,..ehe

*SiRibenMerah said...

hey hey.. rabbit neh! mcm nk babap je si rabbit neh....geram sgt!! hehehe..

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Penatlah nak cheer up rabbit, biarkan ajelah!