Thursday, June 09, 2011

352. Oh Happy Day -END-

End Part.
'here u go rabbit, your food' she handed the basket
of food to rabbit, they're facing each other now,
rabbit is still in her foul mood.
'the chicken was so nice and juicy,
we kept the best part for you, u know.
i'm sorry today was not much of a happy day for u
rabbit, i blame it all on myself actually.
if only i could be more careful,
your beautiful carrot cake wont splatter out
of place like that. it tasted good though,
we finish em to the very icing on the
decorations. u really know how to bake.
I'm sorry that i failed to keep this
a happy day for u rabbit.
i'm truly and honestly sorry.

everybody did their best though,
u should give them credit for that.
Dog and cat was speaking to each other,
hell they even keep a straight face and
joke about one another without clawing each
other's face off. u know dog and cat right?
its in their nature to hate each other.
But they did well enough i say.
just to keep this day a happy day.

And turtle!! did u see him run?
he cant run that much, he's having low sugar,
that is why he brought his house with him everyday,
so that he dont have to go back whenever he's too
tired to walk back.
But he sacrificed a lot today, he even let us put
our baskets on his house today. Imagine carrying your
house plus everybody elses basket all the way.
Thanks to him we have less of a muscle ache in our arm.
did u notice it that he didnt walk with us on the
way back? he stayed there by the lake,
couldnt walk no more he said.' sad as sad as she was,
still trying to smile about turtle sleeping by the lake.

'well so much of a happy day, i hope we can do this again
and i promise u that i'll be more careful on cakes.
Its just that i got a broken toe today after silly dive
on the dirt i make, and i cant walk that well since.
Damn this useless legs.
so good bye now, my apologies, dont let today scars u
till u dont wanna hang with us anymore, ok?

and Squirel smile. limp away, like barbossa and his wooden leg.
Leaving rabbit alone to her thought,
no one know though, is she in remorse of spoiling
everybody's day by sulking over her stupid cake?
or she still felt that its everyones fault
for ruining her day.
well we have to ask her that.

Oh what a happy day,

today is such a happy day that she didnt care about her toe,
that he didnt find me that annoying,
that he run along just for the sake of making everybody happy.
why cant u be happy too?
for the sake of making everybody happy,
why cant u be happy too?
for the sake of such a happy day,
why cant u be happy too?
oh u spoil it big time sis..yes u did.


Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Bagus betul dog & cat, tak gaduh-gaduh...
Kesihan pulak dengan si turtle!
Masih geram dengan Si Rabbit. Tapi harap-harap ada keinsafan bersinar di hati si Rabbit tu.

Oh,I am so happy and i want everybody to be happy too....

Sufy said...

hik3..lama x dtg cnii..btw i'm coming for reading nice entry...:)

*SiRibenMerah said...

siribenmerah happy je....

Pocket said...

kan kan kan,
bebawak la insaf rabbit ooiii.. :D

kan, pocket pung dah lama tak kesana, kebelakangan ni bz tak hengat sikit ^^;

anda memang happy selalu :D
tu yg suka tuh