Wednesday, June 01, 2011

350. Oh Happy Day -Three-

dapat sambutan ker karangan pocket ni,
tak kisah lah,
asalkan citer tu sampai.
sambut ker tak tu belakang cerita :D

'here is mine, i made popcorn!'
Squirrel presents her basket of food to everyone.
She placed her basket on the big table like stone.
'Mine is the BBQ! yeaaa!!' Dog couldnt keep his
saliva inside anymore, starts to drool like that dog
from the movie 'RIO'
'i made pulut sambal!' says the Turtle,
'this is tuna sandwich! now dont get me wrong,
this is the tuna human use to eat, not the crap i use
to eat from that pack of friskies, enjoy!'
says Cat as he hand squirel for her to place it on the table.
'I made carrot cake!' with full of happiness she announced
'the icing was sugar from...' description was not required
but she kept on and on about how proud she was with her
cake. Chicken ... anyone?

as Rabbit was handing Squirrel the cake,
the limping Squirrel felt a rush of pain from her injured leg,
she accidentally shift the weight of the box abnormally
and the cake slide to the left of the carton,
the cake was too heavy for the carton left wall to hold
and down she goes. down to the table, SPLAT!!
The cake looks like its half emerged from the stone.
ruin completely, the perfectly carved icing,
the double layer cake, the filling inside. ruin..

an awkward silence. surrounds everyone as they
stand still watching the cake.
'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' the sound of Rabbit crying,'maaaaiiiii keeeeeekkkk' long and slowly with sobbing every now and then, 'we can still eat this u know' dog was licking the table

trying to comfort Rabbit from her lost.
'waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!' Rabbit cried even louder.
to make her stop wailing, they start their picnic lunch
with cake. Everybody ate the cake from the table making
pleasant face, complimenting the carrot cake as good, delicious,
'u can sell this and i would buy them for RM6.40 per piece!' says Cat.
But Rabbit kept her sad face with tears in her eyes,
just left the picnic table and sat by the water. heart broken.


to tell u the truth pocketeers,
i've never seen any damaged cake in my whole life,
those experiment gone bad where the cake gone black.(Rentung)
Yes... quite a few time, but someone dropped a cake?
no never.. i guess i'm surrounded by people who take
extra care about cakes kot.

have u?

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Tny said...

Hikhikhik... ini watak2 Rabbit,Cat,Squirel.. watak bukan nama sbnr yea?;D

Who would resist a cake? Espc. cupcake yg kiut-miut...hehehe (trus bc part ni..lum star dr mula,klo miscomm sory lorr)