Monday, May 30, 2011

349. OhHappyDay -Two-

so here i am continuing the story, hoping the story make sense.

...and so they walked to the lake, talking, telling jokes to
each other, Squirrel sometime hop onto Turtle's house
to fix any basket that rock out of placed. Turtle and Cat was
making jokes of everyone else they see along the way,
Rabbit kept on laughing, trying to impress Cat but she was
ignored by the two jokers.
Making jokes all around. laughing merrily,
oh what a happy day.

At last they've arrive. Dog was waiting happily,
Circling around like he was chasing his own tail, hopping and
barking to them to get their attention. Behind him was the fire
prepared earlier to grill the BBQ, some chicken was already on
the grilling net, so were fishes and snails. The spot was the
best spot there is, a little area to lay the picnic blanket on,
a table like stone placed on the corner of the spot to put food on,
a small stream flowing nearby for them to wash their hands
and a big tree for the shade. Bed of flower here and there.
And last but not least, an electric source to plug in the LCD tv
or to charge your HTC Desire HD.

Seeing this, Squirrel just couldnt brace herself and start to
run towards dog like dog was food. Rumors has it that she's
so much attracted to Dog, as she was hopping her way towards him,
just to her dismay, she trip over some branches and stumble
to the dirt face first. Rolled a bit and stay still for a while.

Everyone panicked! they could've sworn they heard something
broken, Dog hastily approached her as she's still lying on the dirt,
she stands up as quickly as she could and yell in texan tongue
'i'm good!! i'm ok!! no need to worry!! heheh' chuckling.
(Imagine Sandy from SpongeBob ok)
'But your feet is bleeding' says the turtle,
'oh that is nothing, just a scratch from the branch i'd say... silly me
she added as she limps over to the water.

Washed the blood off her feet and came running back
to everybody with smile in her face and breaks the silence with
'what a nice smell!! that is some nice stuff on the grill Dog'
Dog just smile with Squirrel wittiness.
Oh Happy Day!!


so berhati hati dijalan raya kawan,
yes kalaupun nak happy, jangan la wat lawak
sampai terjatuh hidung dulu, firstly sakit.
secondly a lady in full kebaya with a bleeding nose
is not that cute ok:D..


intan.maisarah said...

kesian sang arnab..

ada tv LCD~ hihi

*SiRibenMerah said...

happy kot lain neh...

noti tuh tetap ada.