Wednesday, December 08, 2010

334. bout the annual dinner...

...and so i went,
The annual dinner was held in Penang Golf Course,
located just on the side of susur keluar kepala batas.
The place was quite huge, but then again its a golf course.
a sport that makes u healthy from the walking all over the greens.
Not the action. Of course its big..

Hate item no 1: i was alone.
Arrived at 545pm, some people is already there,
the management is also there. went inside the hall
to look for people that i usually go to lunch with, nil.
Call up a few numbers.. all of my dearest friend couldnt come.
so i sat at a table, with people from different section.
i knew their name, but i dont know what do they do,
they're those kinda people who u know, but u seldom talk to.
ohh.. introduction is always awkward.

Hate item no 2: i was underdressed.
ok, basically i dont know how to dress up.
Not for any event like this only.. but also for other event.
any other event, hell i dont even know how to dress up during a date.

Hate Item no 3: food was a dismal,
i got lucky cause less people want to seat in the
same table with me, am i that hideous?
it ended up 5 people sharing dishes for 10.
so supposedly we're able to eat more isnt it?
I got 2 pcs of the butter prawns,
4 pcs of kambing, (This was added up later)
quite a fair portion of the lemon chicken,
and 3 pcs of udang from the tomyam.
tu jer? hek enneeee..
imagine those who sat 10 per table?
they'd be starving.

Hate item no 4: Sexy
kakak from my section wears baju that u cant
even see their siku. so nothing for me to see there,
All the other sexy lady is not related to me,
so i dont know their name and feeling a little bit
awkward to get to know them with the event going on.

Hate item no 5: entertainment...
...was from our own department.
A few ladies went up and dance to some music.
hek enneee...
no more pondan with the brazilian samba.
no more awi singing,
no super cute pengacara,


but even though from all those hate point i've given u,
the dinner manage to keep me smiling from the parking lot,
to the bed i sleep all alone in my own corner of maktuk's house,
dreaming about all the colours and scent i was allowed to
enjoy during the dinner.

The food was not that good, but sharing the food was...
we even kawtim with the food-server telling him to bring
another serving of kambing... and they brought another two.
ends up all 5 of us ate 30 servings of cold black pepper kambing
with the lemak area cold and hardened like early morning butter.

the entertainment was as easy as it looks,
5 girls wearing typical dress dancing awkwardly
like they got 5 days to rehearse. but everybody
stands up try to watch their dancing and seems
like everyone was entertained. I heard no complain after.
applauses to them.

sexy? well i was not that lucky with the sexy girls,
but having them for second entertainment is always a problem.
if its not now, it'll be later.. biting u up in your ass till a portion
is gone and u cant sit properly.
So being the adult pocket who suppose to know better.
it was lucky of me for not doing anything naughty dat night.
regardless of this little devil who was prying my rib cage
trying to get out.

so thanks to the dinner committee,
with 70 ringgit per head, 26table of peoples were well served
and enjoyed the night accordingly. u guys did a great job.
and i enjoyed the sterika i got from the lucky draw.

yer sayer? beg ni?
tak, bukan abang sebelah ni bli..
i tak kenal pun dier..
murah jer.. 14 hinggit kat Pasar Malam


Kekanak Osaka said...

ahak..baju batik gitu...
kelas you.

Pocket said...

hooh hooh,
underdress btul abang berbaju batik ittu.
huh.. tak sesuai kan?

Cik Qemm said...

wah pergi pun. hihi baju batik tu ok, mcm org kerajaan punye dressup hari khamis.ops sori abg pocket :P

HEMY said...

len muka hang ngn profile hang..nampak tua plak..opsss

Pocket said...

oh oh.. kerajaan kena pakai batik ari kamis? patut la baju batik banyak dijual di kedai kedai kain terkemuka...

pasaran orang kerajaan rupanyaaa..

baju batik dlm icon ngan baju batik tu adalah baju yg sama..
orang nyer jgak sama..
camana leh nampak berlainan plak!!?
-mungkin angle..
-mungkin tarikh gambo diambil..


Ayaq said...

fewit sapa awek kat sblah tuww.

asmaroro said...

ah sian you..ur friends tak datang huhu

Pocket said...

saper? pocket pun tak kenal,
pakai main bergambar jer :)

(Tp come to think of it, tanya fon no pun bagus..)

sayer panggil asma jer la buleh ker?

kesian kan.. apo la nasib.

bendul said...

i like the dimple!!!
i like the dimple!!!

zyan said...

hahah, baju batik ker, tak stylo la langsung..kui..kui..kui..

kan aku dah ckp, takyah gi, gi layan cite ocean 11 jek kat umah..