Friday, December 03, 2010

333. Annual Dinner

it has come to the season of the year where annual dinners
awaits everybody. i to am not excluded.Kilang annual dinner,
(I wonder how is cikgu's annual dinner? with student in classes?
or among teachers in someplace fancy?)

as usual, whenever there is a function someone taking effort to
arrange, a minority group of people would always be the negative
one who would mock and refuse the dinner.
the food will not be great,
the place sucks,
the theme is not islamic,
better do it like this and that,
and many more as they can be quite creative.

the positive group however would always have their own
reason for attending and persuading people to attend the function.
Its not about the food but the People u eat the food with.
the place is the best we can get from our budget,
islamic or not, its up to you.. satu malaysia.

So are u going pocket? well lets see...
-this year's annual dinner will not be having any LCDTV
for top 'cabutan bertuah' winner.
-there wont be so many people, cause its devided into departments.
-No awi coming to sing four songs, having his own birthday on the
stage we paid.
-i have no proper baju for our theme this year.
-with less people attending the annual dinner,
i'll have less chance of getting lucky with any ladies from abroad.
(My housemate has gone back to kampung, how i wish)

ok ok.. enough the negative point. POsitive point pocket?
-i get to play golf!! (Cause its in a golf course)
-bendul may be arranging for some second entertainment.
-i'll be the only guy in my section. everybody else got their own a
genda (Oh oh.. this is a negative point)

what say u? going saturday at 6?
or sleeping alone with the Ocean11 DVDs playing tru out the night?



intan izani said...

have fun, pocket!

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... xpenah g anual dinner bagai...:)
sbb tetiap mlm ber-dinner ngan family... :p

apa pun selamat berhibur pocket... ^.^

UglyPooh said...

bring me with youu.....yuhuuu.:-p

just go la...enjoy yourself with your officemate.

bendul said...

my dinner,

1) got a cute bicycle for yana on lucky draw, instead of the lcd tv..

2) took 2 shots pic with few cute girls..

3) compliments from japanese bosses for arranging the dinner..

4) eat nothing cause busy with MC job..

5) drink about 6 glasses of orange juice, and went drunk for that..

6) i think i sucks on the MC job..

7) i think i hate people who don;t like the dinner, cause when the AJK berhempas pulas menjayakannya, you just datang makan, and put your face like you was forced to come..


pocket, sorry for no 2nd entertainment.. i mistakenly promises yana that i will go back on midnight..

let's arrange it one more time yah..

zyan said...

erm..layan DVD ocean 11 tuh je la..ade brad pitt kan..

Cik Qemm said...

hmm lame dah tak de dinner. last time kt uni dulu, mase undergrad.

ni kesimpulannye pocket pegy ke tak ni?

have fun ye kalau pegy :)

una berry said...

cikgu's annual dinner is definitely 'no-students-at-all kinda dinner'. usually cikgus will bring their kids and spouses. no fancy themes.and the lagu is always retro kinda lagu.not so interesting I must say. so yeah :) (I've been dragged to go when I was a kid)

I think u should just go. have fun with all the crappy food and weird ppl. :D

Heidi Shafiq said...

enjoy ur life beb.. :)

Pocket said...

Umph! had fun :D and enjoying this crappy life :)

Oh Oh, entrepreneur cam anda memang tak der annual dinner, tunggu kampeni besor besor nanti yer..
the best part is... u got the VVIP seat :D

Kalau kita in calling calling status,
memang nak diajak jer..
tp mcm tak leh ajak orang luar so...

totally agreed wit u bro,
people should appreciate more with what they're being served.
sama cam pocket ari tuh,
semua orang nak komen,
ini tak besh...
itu tak besh...
suruh diorang buat, diorang tak nak plak. lagi idea bangang dok ada..

heheh, tak!!
ocean eleven yang ada george clooney n bernie mac tuh.

pocket gi, nanti taruk pic sini :D

alaaa.. bringing your kids and spouses would limit u from 'gatal'ing.
kan ker tak besh tu :D

una berry said...

it's cikgu's dinner-lah
what do u expect?
and there's no cute chicks/guys to flirt with
only pak cik2 and mak cik2