Thursday, December 09, 2010

335. Tulang Tu!!


this was not the actual scene..
but the story was true..
maktuk was true..
the tea was true..
and the bone? was true too

Farid came to my house the other day with his wife and
two years old Aleya, as u guys already have known,
Farid is just a common name i use to describe a man..
who i dont think appropriate to put the actual name here.

Farid is a friend of us not only with me, but with all of
our families, the kind of friend who we got the privilege
of knowing not only his secret, but his family's secret
and also the whole history that made him the man he is

Farid sat on the floor, his wife sat next to him,
his two years old daughter Aleya got comfortable
and start to wander around touching anything that
interest her.

Maktuk was telling how nowadays the only thing
that can make her shove the rice into her mouth
would be daging goreng kunyit, and bahulu cicah teh.

I was trying to 'mengorat' Farid's baby,
not to be his menantu or anything,
but to prevent her from pulling anything
that may connected to a cup of pure
Hydrochloric Acid i got lying around
Maktuk's house (As if ..)
well basically i was trying to keep her safe.

Aleya got friendly, she approached maktuk.
'Comey nya anak hang ni farid.. turun mak dia la ni,
kuruih kecik... mata dapat kat hang, dagu dapat kat
mak dia'

Maktuk commented about Aleya's look with her voice
decibels far higher then the allowed level in any factory.
Farid just smile, the wife was smiling too... proudly.
As the wife was picking up the tea cup.

Maktuk shout out..
'laaaa tulang dia herot nii..!
lagu mana hang ni farid?

takkan tak perasan!?'
Herot is a kedah word for
senget, bengkok, bent, not allign.

From his 'sila', farid kneel, approached maktuk
with full panic and alert.
'Tulang Herot? Tang mana maktuk?'
his face turned pale purple, no smile,
the skin in between his eyebrows wrinkled.
His wife put down the colorless tea and approached
maktuk. It couldnt be.. two years, and their daughter
having a dislocated bone without anyone noticing it.
What will others think. A mother who couldnt notice.

I could see the mother hastily grabbing Aleya by the
ketiak, picking her up to verify her back bone..
cause maktuk was looking there when she made
such comment.

'tulang seluaq nii haa.. herot ni, bagi la dok tengah..
senang dia nak bejalan'

hek enne maktuk... ^^;


mier@merr said...

hahaaa...tkena daku....

aBoi said...

kalau aboi pun risau, ade ke tulang dah herot.. ceh ! hahaha

Siska said...

hahhaha...fine..tulang boleh herot...kahkah.

Pocket said...

heheh, yang mendengar cerita ni pun terasa terkena, yg berhadapan ngan scene tu lagi la :D

hooh hooh, tulang herot tuu woo..
patutnya budak tu tak leh jalan normal dah woo..

Yes, tulang buleh herot.
kira bengkok lah :D

UglyPooh said...

I could imagine how her mother feels.

p/s : apsal HCL ada kt rumah?????????

asmaroro said...

HAHAHAHA! What a funny post! maktuk is too cute

Siska said...

hahha...tulang i sehat lagi belom herot...kihkih..

Adila said...

AHAHAAHAHAH!!! buat lawak la maktok ni~