Wednesday, September 15, 2010

314. Tak Pedas...

i went to eat at this place in the nearby jusco.
Its a place where u can eat ayam penyet for
6 ringgit per piece which is quite ridiculous
for such a petty recipe but what can i say?
that is the way it is.

There were twelve of us,
a few fathers,
a few mothers,
a few 'beauty' i would like to keep my distance.
(U never know when will this hand of mine
be 'lurking-around' on its own accord)
A couple of grannies,
and babies...

we sat, and come along the foreign waiter.
he took his time to pass us the menu,
one by one as he opened the menu and
carefully placing it in our hand.
Wahhh.. how neat and polite he was.

...and the father ordered,
the mother commented,
the father ordered anyway,
the 'beauty' was asking bout the oil used.
the babies were attracted with the cutlery,
me? i was fascinated with the pricing.
How an udang can cause 2 ringgit per piece,
when the size was not more then my forefinger.
(The table next to us ordered dat menu)

i asked the waiter then,
since there was babies around.
'mat, ada yang tak pedas tak?'
'tak pedas?' looking puzzle.
'tak pedas la untuk baby, ayam goreng ker..
sayur ker..' i insisted.
'oohh, adda adda.' with his foreign accent
that enhance the 'd' usage.
he took the menu i was holding
and start flipping the pages.

and atlast he found it.
'inni menu tada pedas abang, sesuai untuk baby'
he was holding the menu showing the menu with
his right thumb politely pointing at the dish name
listed there.
'mana mana?'
'sini abang.. nasi puteh.. tada pedas punya.. :D'

Patutkah pocket memelangkung kepala annay tu?
ohh, tuhan penuhkan dada ini ngan kesabaran..


aBoi said...

memang tak pedas punya... (^^,)

Cik Qemm said...

betul la tu yang die tunjuk tak pedas kan? :P

tp mmg rase nk pelangkung la annay tu jwb cnggitu.

UglyPooh said...

pocket...pelangkung aje..huhu.

tp btulkn ape dia tunjuk.

HoPe said...

bijak jugak annay tu..

syeka sweetheart said...

betul pa..
mmg xpedas pon..
hak hak hak

ayunda maajis said...

ahaha..rasenyer ni 1st time ayunda baca entri pocket n gelak kuat2..ahaha..annay tu memang klas..jujur betol

bendul said...

hisashiburi ni hitori de waratta..

kalo aku, aku sigung jer kepala dia.. dish dish dish..

"deyyy aneeee..!! nasi putteh manna adda pedas deyyy...!!!"
gitu gitu ler kot aku cakap..

|arieza| said...

hahaha comel gila~ anney~