Tuesday, September 07, 2010

312. Haiyaaaa!! farid!!

Farid is in a state where this raya will not be that much enjoyable
for him, someone issued a police report on him about some
underage rape.
(with the 'incidents' happen 3 month before her 18th birthday)
Now whether farid actually done it or not is non of my concerns.
I am his friend and i care for him, (We share the same birthday)
I just need to hear the actual story,
He stop coming to work right after the wife
confronted the lady. Hence i cant get the story
from him.

The lady who are also the mangsa manage
to come to work regardless of the issue,
and she's spreading words like wildfire,
burning everyone in its path.
selling her story like its a pisang goreng panas.

he's the scoundrel,
he's the unfaithful husband,
he's the lying man who dont keep his promise.
he promised her a marriage, but he denied her love.

hell, what i think doesnt matter.
i dont think he did it, but then again
i dont think the girl lied,

but if its true that he did it,
then i'll be sad...

sad not because he'll be convicted with the allegation of course,
Sad because i always longing for her but he got her attention first!!
how la abang!! u so good with ayat meh?

...and now i'm mentally intimidated.
self esteem just flown off somewhere,
i think i'm ugly


HEMY said...

ni kisah benar ke kisah apa ni pocket..ekekekeke..

lawak ar penghujung dia..

A t i Q a h said...

ayok. ini entry kes berat atau entry kes self-esteem nih. haha.

UglyPooh said...

I think Farid is more handsome than you la pocket. hehehee

Pocket said...

Kisah Benar, Kisah Benar,

Mcm dah lama tak datang :D
kes berat + self esteem dah kureng,

Tak, sila lihat dlm senarai kawan facebook ku, try agak yg mana satu farid.
pastinya pocket lagi ensem :D
(Yakin gilak kan ^^)