Tuesday, April 06, 2010

282. ShootingSunday

It was sunday and i woke up early, fried my nasi
goreng recycling the KFC for last dinner and i had
my rediculously heavy breakfast.

Arrived at the place at 857am, and the person i'm
suppose to meet was not there yet, he's late.. oh!!
well kinda expect it already.. janji melayu.
Just as iwas to curse him for being late, i come to
know that his son got demam.. OK.. forgiven.

928am and the place was starting to flood with blokes
with military wears, camouflage jacket, with long ponco
bag like they're carrying an RPG to the place, wow!!
I was intimidated.. hell i was in my jeans and giordano shirt.
Best i chicken out and flee..yes! i should flee....
but just as i was doing so..'oih!! takkan nak balikdah!!
mai la .. ramai lagi nak mai nii' was the call of
a friendly voice, Farid came. Alhamdulillah... ada
orang yang juga memakai baju macam tentera yg
berenti makan roti canai on the way nak perang.
I tailed him like a little boy got lost in a shopping
mall and the security was going to bring me to a'happy' place..
he reached a table and starts spilling his gear,
waaahh!! i am looking at good money spent on a boys dream.
Gun and mask, knee pad and gas tanks with coil that makes u look
like u need pneumatic pressure to move your hip :D hahahah.
Robocop baby!!
And by 1037, eddy the team leader came,so he was suppose
to teach me how to paintballing.The briefing was simple,
mostly the thing that i've read in the net, basic rules would be
not to shoot people outside the court.
'Yes teacher, but can i shoot animal instead?'
he didnt answer, betcha they shoot animal just for target practice :D

There was a few girls coming there to try their luck in
this sport.. and the strangest thing happened.
They were cute enough for the usual pocket to go flying
over them like flies on delicious shit. but instead the
pocket goes feasting his eyes on to the macho and nice
looking gun and gear that the paintballer was wearing.

Yeah.. this brings the boy in me, the earlier boy who
never cared about girls :D

Jap bang! tu hopper tu buleh isi berapa pellet tu? dik tepi sikit..

Paint balling was nice.
I got to shoot a good player, in the head
may i brag. Not to forget a big guy who was
running mindlessly out in the open,
I shot him 6 time but only one of them
broke the pellet.
Rules of Paintballing, if the pellet dont
break splashing the paint inside.
The shot is not a kill.

I got shot five time and only two shot
killed me.(Break and painted)
the other three bounced like a balloon
from the beach side. I guess there's a
plus being fat in paintballing.
The pellet just bounce off of u:D

Heheh, there's more for me to tell,
but i need my sleep now. So pocketeers,
do some sport will ya,
DOnt end up a fat bullet bouncing paintballer like me ok:D

Bukan gitar tu bukan bukan..

Macam Bintang Kan?


|arieza| said...

damn i miss go paintballing! the lebam-ness is sooooooooo fun!

fitriah said...

tak pernah main.heee

Luffy said...

aku baru sekali main paintball ni
sakit gile tap syok

shapikapikabon said...

belum pernah main lagi.
takut sebab nanti sakit. :(

Adry said...

aku tak pernah lagi main paint ball ni... kalau main ni.. Pellet tu confirm bounce... hahahahhaha

Adry @ http://www.adrysabry.com

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe.. xpenah men n rsa mcm xmo men... :p

enyheartsdiamond said...

macam lovebite kot ;p

nUR_rOsALiNdA said...

tak pernah try..
nak try tp xde gang..uhuks~

bendul said...

dah agak dah..

pocket mesti dapat the "love bite" from the pellet punyer..

buleh ler wat excuse lepas nih..

"nih apa merah2 kat tengkok nih abang..!?"
"alaaa... abang gi main paintball la tadik.. diorang dok asyik pakat ramai2 tembak abang.. nak wat camner.."


HEMY said...

owh..lama tak men..tp kos tinggi game ni

Pocket said...

kat saner tak der paintball?
sila tembak omputeh saner yer :D

meh sini abang ajarkan :D

memang sakit,
kesan tu dah lebam biru dah hahah

alaaa, sakit tu alah bisa tegar biasa kata orang:D

kat sana mesti ada jgak,
kalau dah try tu nanti sila buat review yer :D

heheh, siap tak nak main lagi tu:)

Lovebite jadi biru ker?

Eh Nick baru?
sila lah coba.. dlm blog ni ada jer geng tu:)

Lovebite orang tak buat kat perut la bendul, orang buat kat leher atau bawah telinga heheheh:)

bendul kalau nak pikir idea kreatif,
memang pandai jer dia heheheh:D

memang kos tinggi, kiranya EX5 jgak la kalau nak full set. adehlaa..

Cik Qemm said...

nak main tapi takut. haha!

sakit kan kalau kena tu :(

my dad is good in paintball. i saw him played paintball once. he was the hero in his team when he got the flag. he's like a 30 years old man when in the game (but he's now 54).

suke sgt tgk abah main!