Tuesday, March 03, 2009

152. Spark...

pocketeers, i've once read in the Book of relationship by the title of
'Men are from mars, women are from venus' about points reward and deduction.
From what i can understand, it is like this...
Every time a man do a good deed...
holding hands,
open the door for her,
show up on time,
taking out the garbage,
...he will be rewarded with one point and not more,
regardless of how big the deed was.
As she gets happy with him, he'll get points understand?
Now it will not make any different if the man bought her flowers
on her birthday or bought her a vios. The point reward will still be one.

Which is different from what we men think...
because we put value to the gift.. i mean the gift doesnt grows on trees u know...
effort and money need to be spent.
Time consumption to stand in the line for Rihanna's concert ticket. Have a heart la
(tetiba pocket emo plak)
anyway... this point needs to be mantain daily,
Sunday i've earned 44 points with Aleya, Dewi and Kathy.
Monday morning.. its back to zero. hustle up bro!!
Its just like reality tv show where u have to keep
performing or else u'd be eliminated.
For Aleya who i've just come to know her, (About two months only)
the point to keep is 14... not that much,
call her up.. sms a few..
maybe evening walk or something would get me 14 points already.
(Considering that i have to open the door, wipe the seats, get her flowers,
run all the way to the otherside of the park to get her an aiskrim palit)
But for Dewi, it has been 2 years already. Daily points will be higher.
maybe 52 kot... What if i dont get the daily points?
well, it'll be days till she say bai bai,

Now we have talked about point reward.. what about point reduction?
every game show must have a penalty right? let me ask u on this one...

There u were walking down in your best dress to the front door
to find him waiting in his best suit(One point).
Opened the door for u(One POint)
'i am going to bring u to a place i've always wanted to try.. brace wit me ya'
the smell of perfume just fine (One point)...
u'r there on the table already, white cloth with flower.
high class french restaurant.. (Point rewarded till this stage was about 23)
during the dinner, he went to the toilet leaving his HP on the table.
It rings with a beautiful face on the screen, incoming SMS.
Out of curiosity u checked 'u left your jeans here sayang, how did u get home?'
tell me girls, how many point will be deducted by this one?

ok, the example are a bit too much,
but if u are going to deduct points from incidents as such, how much will it be?
-for not answering the phone?(Regardless the reason)
-for answering phone with suspicious background sounds (Girls chuckling)
-for coming back late from buying the nasi goreng?(Got stuck at the CC)
-for going out to have a ketam dinner with a dang attractive angels from heaven.

every good deed, a flower blossoms
every bad behaviour, a spark of fire
now how is it wrong when we are doing everything within our power to avoid the spark?
cause somebody's point was down to negative 94 that saturday night...


cabincrewareheretokickurass said...

haih.merepek je point2 ni pocket oi..buku tu saya baca tak habis.boring.

bendul said...
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bendul said...


damn good post..!!
i think you should pay some royalty to me, as if your post will go hit all around the world..

accumulated points on friday did went below zero on that saturday night..
(remember the "2 times" thing..?"
kalo graf prestasi kilang la,
masa dia nak turun ke negatif tu, merudum semacam jer..
macam kilang dah bankrap..

lantak laaa...

alor star tetap alor star..!!

filantera said...

hahaha point point....
it will be much better kut, if we didnt count at all. berapa minus berapa tambah, berapa perlu bagi berapa bleh kurang.

just live it! kalau minus, minus lah, say sorry, and try to mend the mistake, nak wat camna, men make mistake, kalau add terlebih pun takkisah....


rasanya kekadang saja saja ja kena potong point pun selalu gak!!! tgk tv je, pun kena potong point! diorg pms, pun kena potong point! so takyah kire hehehe.

sbb bila kita wat byk point purposely, 'suddenly bli bunga' tu tanda yang kita ada kerisauan point akan di potong and they really know how to read it. just , relaks haha

cHeRyNa PiReS said...
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cHeRyNa PiReS said...

if u ask me about points...Mr Sepet would've been thrown out from the window.

---> for not calling me when he should
---> for being "missing in action" until no one could find him for 3 darn months! (including family and buddies!)
---> for not sending me any flowers throughout the whole year of a relationship
---> for sleeping to0 much until he did not have the time to see me or looked at me (cuz he was closing his eyes...and I just had to watch him sleeping if when he was around me)
--->for having "i have my buddies and i dun care about my girlfriend" session with his mates
--->for smelling so bad after he played rugby or tennis
--->for having other girls admired him and smsed him or asked to meet him

Because...regardsless the points deducted:
---> when he was not calling, it meant that he was giving me the freedom.
---> when he was missing, that was when I realised I was in love.
---> when he did not sent me any flowers, he would make sure he acknowledged my other feminine side:)
---> when he was sleeping, that was the time that I realised, "Eh...cute gak bf aku..." cuz the rough planes on his face will be soften up..
--->when he was with his friends, it meant that I get the chance to be with mine!And I didn't care bout my bf at that time either...ehehe..
--->when he sweat because of the game, regardless the smell...I will wait at the corner of the field with mineral water at the same time adoring his strength:D
--->when he had other girls did that to him...dats when I got jealous and made sure no one will mess with my man!

Points deducted should not be a bad point after all.

* all this was in past tense...but it still feels good to me...

*SiRibenMerah said...

Spark and point???

hehehe.. for me.. U get a lots of point since the last meeting..
hehehehehe =P~

Pocket said...

merepek? which part?
actually pocket pun tak abis lg,
duk baca part by part. diakui...

heheheh, luv your enthusiasm.
yes we will be going to alor setar.
have to solve my part first la :)
kuhek kuhek.

oh my brother,
u'r not getting it la bro.
metaphor nyer sebegitu lah!!
maner ader point.
maner ader reality tv show.
takkan la nak bangun tido, capai buku 555
mula mencatit...
'kissed her 0724:one point'
'wake her up: one point'

this is just a way to explain about the whole
subjective i-am-happy-with-him thing.
how else can i explain ...
'tiada lagi cinta'
'bara cinta yg dulu dah padam'
'terasa kedinginan nyer'
dalam hubungan...

relax lah dalam hubungan.
yer, part ni memang setuju,
tak perlu pikir pikir kot,
'alamak!! tak sms ira lagi. kena sms cpat!'
'ari ni 3hb2, lg 214 hari lagi till birthday dia'
susah tuuuuuu...

Pocket said...

humm.. basically finding the positive side of everything happening to you.
i luv how u put it here sis:)
but sepet dont know what he's missing when he's sleeping.
or else the song 'i dont wanna miss a thing' wont be created.:)

heheh, and the point would be from me doing what?:)
(Sajer je nak tahu kan :)heheheh)
pastinya pasal sayer yg hensem ni kan.. ok ..sayer tahu.. Huhuuuu^^

banji said...

topik yg sgt menarik..

for me, mcm Allah sendiri, walaupun maha pemaaf, tapi ada satu dosa yg takkan dimaaf sampai bila2 - Dosa syirikkan Dia

Jadi lojiknya, manusia ni pun akan ada batas2 yg boleh diterima. mungkin utk si isteri, batas dia kalau suami sendiri curang.. maka gugurlah apa saja kebaikan suami tu.

hm mcm panjang lagi nak cite, tapi nantilah kita nyembang kat kedah. nak sambung packing barang.. esok balik kampung! :)

Tny said...

Owh..bro.. u pun kna api spark jugak ke? Errmm..

Dh berapa hari berapi ni? Adoi laaa...

A t i Q a h said...

haha. buleh pulak ada point2.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ points sampai ke negatif yg tak tahan tuh. btw, plan to buy that book too. ~

mummysyafie said...

poket ooo poket..lama benor saya tak jenguk blog awak ni.

*SiRibenMerah said...

get well soon bro.. =)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ org internet tuh still tak datang2 lagi ker? lama benor tak update nih hah.... ~

Adry said...

Salam... apa khabor??? sori lama tak masuk sini... been very busy.. huhu

Adry @ http://www.adrysabry.com

Princess Liyana said...

bro,tak update ke??;)rindula plak..

filanastasia said...

pocket : fila baca buku tuh baru 3 mukasurat.. hahaha.. mcm tak sempat jek.. baca 2 ayat.. kena panggil.. baca 1 perenggan.. supplier nak jumpa.. last last bertapa kat opis neh.. aish..

tak leh ke go with da flow?? pepandai sendiri.. tak perlu merit kredit neh.. cm time skolah plak.. huhuhu

purplechoc said...

saye sokong cik cheryna.