Thursday, January 15, 2009

141. Walk The...


Its cleaner now. the floors are clean, the furniture are shining.
The cleaner must be wiping everything double time.
The engine is also fine. Better than those day when the ship runs
with unlimited supply of charcoal.
The maintenance is doing their job better when the charcoal are
running low.hahah...
yes, the charcoal are running low, and we're in the middle of the sea.
If the charcoal runs out and we're still at sea, we can kiss the picture
of our luved one bye bye.
Not to forget the food supply.
Not to forget the food supply.
Everyone work for their life now.
Not for the 32inch flat TV.
Not for the nice dinner to impress the GF at home.
The piano is off the boat!(And so does the piano player)
The captain dont think that we can arrive with the same
load we are having now, so we are tossing away anything
that can lightened the boat mass.Hoping we could arrive safely.
After the piano and chairs, what else is heavy? Man?

Seeing the piano jump the plank, there's a kind
of changed expression in everyone's faces.
people are taking initiative, the mechanic are hiding their tools.
So that no one else can replace him.
So that he is the only one that can maintain the ship.
So that he is needed. Naughty.. but one have to live.

The cleaner panicked now. after the piano,
the furniture was used to replace charcoal.
Now there's nothing to clean.
The next one to jump the plank might be him.
Panic is in the air. hope the ship wont sink!!

MrBig... please dont throw this potato peeler off the boat.
i'm good in peeling potatoes, peeling the skin as thin as 0.2mm.
As for cost reduction, i've even come up with potato peel chips.
The potato skin deep fried to crisp and lightly flavoured is a
heavenly food to have during movies:)
Not the plank please... not the plank...


azie said...

tak larat nak baca essay english lagi,ahaha. bila abes klas je, otak ai switch pd BM balik.

harap maklum,ehehe

A t i Q a h said...

Lalu..apekah jadi? Huhu.

Princess Liyana said...

hi hi hi...rjin pocket tulis essay;)

bendul said...

i understand you..
let's us pray together,
for not being the one on the plank..

mine is not a ship,
maybe just a boat,
medium size boat,
without plank somewhat..

just a "everyone jump off the boat when it will sank" type of boat,
but only the captain own the buoy..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ harapnya pocket tak diapa-apa kan oleh Mr. Big. Amin...

Btw, ada la satu kilang nih. Diorg cuba sedaya upaya tak nak buang pekerja. So, diorg berjimat dari segi penggunaan elektrik dan segala benda yg boleh dijimatkan. So, hari sabtu diwajibkan utk bercuti. Tapi, cuti tahunan dipotong la utk hari Sabtu tuh. rasanya, more efficient dari nak buang pekerja, kan? ~

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

I understand your point of view, bro...

It has been tough since I joined manufacturing industry as well. Probably I joing at the wrong time (though we are in the food industry!)

I'm the crew whose fighting for other crew survival, whose calculating the reducing OTs, whose listening to the crews' frustration...and I DO UNDERSTAND.

But I will also be the villain whose going to prepare the love letter to send the crew away...

It is tough.

And I'm sharing your feeling:)

filantera said...


what about,

Tue 6/1/2009:
i catch a glimpse of boss' monitor, he is adjusting my document himself. he used to comment it on paper and toss it to me, but wat happen now?

Fri 9/1/2009:
"i need to learn your job, as i think i need to know how to do your job too"...
"aye skippper"
he is overtaking my job now. so in general view, wat used of paying two people when u can have one people doing two jobs?

counting days.....

Pocket said...

yang tak berkerja ngan yang berkerja komen nyer berbeza :)....
Pocket sukaaaa!!!

Heheh, lenkali pocket akan taruk BM Version click here
gitu gitu:)

understandable.. mesti susah kan skolah dalam bahasa omputeh..

lalu, pocket masih lagi mengharap:)

Bila rindu ku sebut namamuuuu...
bila panic ku karang essay 80 patah perkataan:)

let it be the mighty 'black pearl'
or a small sampan...
when it sink... it sink...
and some of the ship i know are sinking:(

lets just hope the captain dont bail on us .. hahaahaah...

(Sekali director pocket gi cari keja baru... hahahah kan ker haru tu)


Lampu di hallway dah tak der,
Monitor screensaver is set to 'NONE' after 1 minutes,
Indonesian staff trenched,
overseas trip frozen,

tp still tak cukup lagi amy,
we're still making loss.


weird as it may sound but i would like to see your 'love' letter.
(HR POcket punyer company kalu tak mau laa...)

so u'r the one who listen to the crew, but u'r the one who choose those who deserve the 'plank'
huhuuu.. tough job.

i tot food industry is not affected? but then again i may be wrong .
WOuld like to hear your story though:)

how i hate to hear those kinda words coming from my MrBig...
'the mechanic are hiding their tools.
So that no one else can replace him.
So that he is the only one
that can maintain the ship.
So that he is needed.
Naughty.. but one have to live.'

banji said...

pocket, be strong kay. This is a hard time for all of us. The top people will start monitoring the ppl downstairs and decide which one is a better employee.

The best thing you can do right now is to go all out to prove to them that you are the best there is. If other people get demotivated, you are more hardworking than ever. When people go back exactly at 5 pm, volunteer to do extra work unclocked.

Look at it slightly on a more positive side. Take it as a challenge. It's really a hard time for all of us. You however have the option to make it harder on yourself, or be better and survive.

Princess Liyana said...

hihihi..comella pocket ni;)

Kekanak Tokyo said...

malas nak baca tapi nak komen gak.ahaha

日月神教-任我行 said...