Sunday, March 02, 2008

28. VDoPocket

Dey Pocket,
I'v saw a vdo just now.
A very distracting vdo
A very harsh vdo
A very brutal vdo.
(well atleast for me it is...)

to tell u the truth pocket, am not that much of
a brutal guy. i cant stand seing blood. people kept on sending me mailbox vdo's of
internal organ spread out on the road.
Bodies cut in two.
Decapitated body.

i dunno pocket... am a bit upset of the whole thing. me stomach cant take it. i mean ..why do people like to look at those nasty thing anyway? well those vdo's about accident makes me realize that i should keep a strict order of my self to follow the rules.
Remember your luved one

But i've also seen a vdo of a girl got beaten up by a few men, her head was smashed with a 60x30x30cm rock. What ever she did for deserving that must be quite serious. but what? what kind of crime deserves that kind of punishment?
mencopek dompet?
cutting in line?
merampas suami orang?
simply shoot the prime minister?
maaa... the guy who was furious enough to lift the heavy rock must have the answer. as for us pocket?
lets lead a healthy life
an obedient life.
a life which follow rules and regulation.
dont start upsetting people.

and hopefully no one would smash me head with a rock.

Am going to johor today.
640 flite, see u selasa pocket.
i'll come back wit some Pic hopefully:D
(since i've come to notice dat lately i've been kedekut photo huhuuuu^^)


Azzam Supardi said...

Uih! Isy3X!~

Ceera said...

pantang sungguh i kalau orang anta email eksiden2 nie, terus aku delete tau...

Pocket said...

btul tu btul tu, tp kekadang tu tertengok la jgak, dan mula lah tak der selera nak makan...

huss huss huss huss... heh

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

eheheheh...watashi pernah sekali dulu TERbiasa tgk org eksiden

sebab TERpraktikal di hospitall