Friday, March 07, 2008

29. PocketBerbalut

So the other day i have been told to go to johor for
some audit at the supplier side. The audit will be
done in two places, Two companies.
We've departed from penang Bayan Lepas Airport.
Had a bit of evening snacks with the mrs and off I
went inside to board the plane. We were quite late
so the 'abang' who takes care of the ticketing was
starting to nag a bit.
i've brought a book for me to read. Just for
appearance reason, i covered the book with brown
paper i got from a torn off sampul surat.
well at least i thought it looked nice. what the heck...
'oh... my father use to do dat' Mr G said pointing at
my book.
'Do what?' I replied...
'covering your book so dat no one can knows what u're
readin' Mr G said if full queen english. he's known with
his fluency in Queens English. Japanese just cant understand
'now why do i have to do dat?'
'well according to my father, people tends to evaluate people by their appearance. N with a guy in a suit like u holding a book with the title that reads 'World of Warcraft- the history' doesnt sends a good message'
'Well i can always be the designer of world of Warcraft'
'naaa... more like a father who want to get close to his son
by playing the dang game'

hummmm... people tend to evaluate their surrounding yah...
now pocket..what do u think?
looking at a guy who's busy with his laptop would make u think....?
looking at a guy limping would make u think .....?
looking at a nice looking mother holding a cute son without the father would make u think....?


bendul said...

hmmm.. how about a smart and handsome guy, with tidy wear, with a nice smile, and using a nokia N73.. hohoho.. a lot to think..

Pocket said...

simply a bendul who want to brag bout his N73..

banji said...

people tend to be that shallow. a mindset very hard to change :)

any idea how to change pocket?

Pocket said...

balut your books.
i think u've once wrote that ...
'to not let people make bad assumption... is to stay away from things that make people assume badly'

jangan masuk toilet wanita
jangan pegang tangan kawan lelaki anda
(nampak cam gay)
jangan keluar dengan kawan wanita anda
(Even with your wife's consent)
sterika baju anda
(kang nampak cam bini malas)

but then again... why do we need to live for others to see? :D