Monday, June 14, 2010

299.U are mine...

and mine only...
Pocketeers, how was your weekend?
Mine was great!! Filantera got this crazy idea of fresh water
snorkeling and we did just that. Yes, it sound was as if we
were going on a boat somewhere and jump in the water with
full equipment. Full wet suit, orange life jacket maybe?
Well if u see our attire... u'd say two budak kampung
kemaruk nak tangkap ikan jer ghopernyer.

All we had was a water pipe that allows me to breath underwater,
(have to hold the pipe though, cause u'll choke if u let it submerge)
a swimming goggle allowing me to differentiate from
someone's poop to a water stream stone. Nasi lemak kopi o...
and of course my shorts hahahahah, we went topless :)
The view was quite stunning i might say.
considering a lot of fish to see that is.
We got lucky dat saturday morning,
we saw a few ikan ubi, shrimps and some fish
that look like tetra's.
As it was interesting for us to watch the god given beauty,
we were also cursed with the coldness of the stream water.
sejuk wooii!! sabtu 9 pagi gi mandi air terjun... gilo apo!?

In the midst of those beauty versus the pain am having for
tercepeleot while stepping on the stone of Batu Hampar, Yan.
I have come to understand the main reason of those who
keep Aquariums.

They want to enjoy the natures beauty anytime they want.
To see shrimp eating, or collecting food. swimming a bit ...
Fighting for lady shrimps, using their snapper moving around.
without the coldness, in the comfort of their living room.

With the cost of the fish freedom of course. They dont care.
For them, fishes dont have feeling. A shrimps freedom
are expendable, and a minor death in their aquarium is inevitable.
They would die anyway. Naturally.

What a selfish way of thinking.
U are mine,
and mine only,

Ahai pocketeers...
Should i release my ikan laga tomorrow?
Hum hummm...


mier@merr said...

no need...cari ruang yg besar..jaga bebaek...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

amy pun suka ikan. for me, tak dek lah kejam sangat if kita nak bela ikan dalam akurium. as long as tak sempit untuk dia berenang, okeyh lah tuh.

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe.. xmo bela ikan dlm akuarium laie, sebab asyik menemui ajal aje ikan2 sy.. so, sy skang bela ikan2 di dlm kolam.. :)

lieya orange M.I. said...

pocket, bela je la ikan tu...dia pun nak disayangi..benda yg bernyawa, suma ada perasaan..=)

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...


ikan anak kRina baru jer mati tiga ekor..

ekorium tecik jer.

pasar malam rabu ni kena beli lain lah jawabnya...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

no way i'm gonna let my ikan laga go. eh, abang...what is ikan laga in english?
fighting fish ke? hehehe..

anywayz, tak salah berbudi dengan binatang, least u'll be loved and prayed by another type of creature:)

Dee said...

kalo x terjaga..eloklah dilepaskan..kesian dia..

Cik Qemm said...

wawawa. tak pernah tgk org menyelam pegang paip ni. hihi. mcm2 ye karenah pocket ni.

ikan laga?
kalau buleh jage elok2 tak payah la lepas :D

Adila said...

i suka tgk ikan
but tak sker the smell haha

...i tak reti jaga binatang
mati aje
buat tambah dosa :(