Monday, July 05, 2010

300. A Clown who entertain..

...with sad faces.
a clown is a guy who usually works at
some stores selling bicycle maybe,
stiff and sturdy but 'clown'ing in
weekends for the extra money.
He might be not that happy..
he might as well hate children..
but he did it anyway... money drive.

I have'nt been posting for the last
3 weeks for a reason. I've been busy,
been juggling.
Learned about it from the 'TiubAnda'
just by typing 'three balls juggling how to'
and walla...
a few teacher who dont know u
ready to teach u how to juggle.

and so i juggle, bought myself three tennis balls.
I named them
...have to toss the ball in the same manner everytime.
cause I'll spoil the rhythm should one is higher then the other.
its not that hard though... once I got the hang of it,
I'll be able to go on for 10 or 15 toss, but then I need to keep focus.
or 'Me' will fall and my two hand can save 'U' and 'Her'

...once i got the hang of it, i'll try something different.
changing direction,
changing loop width,
changing height of every balls
just to make it interesting.. heart pumping,
but this need to be done in a very cautious move.
Cause something will go wrong if i'm not careful.
But it'll keep the juggler smiling :)

...have to keep the ball away from each other,
Cause if 'U' and 'Her' stumble in the air..
and everything will fall ridiculously,
then it'll be only 'Me' in my hand.
and that is ....

.... well lonely.


Kujie said...

kalau macam tu, kak jie nak jadi tangan...boleh dekat dgn ketiga2 bola

eemmm...mcm serius je!

take a gud care ye

Kekanak Osaka said...

sejak kecik mak saya selalu pesan kat saya...kita kena pandai multitasking tuk jimat masa.

Buh kain lam mesin, lepas tu tanak nasi, lepas tu baru masak lauk.

Kain siap, nasi siap, lauk siap.


Mak saya teror. huhu~.

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehhehe... sy pun setuju ngan kak jie.. mau jd tngan supaya dekat ngan ketiga2 nya... :)

Dee said...

apsal bila akak baca mcm kisah cinta 3 segi je..hahaha..

kojah said...

hai bro!

saya nk jadik crystal ball...hahahaha

UglyPooh said...


UglyPooh said...

pakcik...da xde post baru ke?

Cik Qemm said...

hi there.

been busy too :(

you're lonely? we're here bro :D

lieya orange M.I. said...

hi pocket..lamanyer tak hupdate..huhuuu

najihah sahami said...

nak jadi tangan jugak!!

fairuzniza said...

pocket..huk huk..sori lama tak singgah..n guess what? adiah lame tak jumpa adalah..anda kene tagged. :p

Anonymous said...

Not to tell it is more.