Friday, December 02, 2005


I have a fren..
Dis fren have a very cute luv story. Lets dub them name.. Ron and Nor .. hahah…
Ron goes to school every day on this bus.. the pink minibus ..(KL) starting from standard one he have to use the same pink bus to go to school.
There Ron met Nor.. from an info from Ron himself.. it seems like Nor was the one who made the first move.. n they start talking.. n they start to sit together .. every day.. when it was intrakota time to shine.. they still sits together… being nice to each other .. n missing each other everytime the other cannot make it..
Till Nor goes to UIA.. they’re still together .. not on the same bus anymore.. but just simply hooked together..
As a matter of fact.. they’re still together .. even though Ron is already 23.. huh!!

Come to think of it .. there is nothing cute bout their story.. its just that her face is just like below.. n that is just kinda bug me .. of all the people u wanna to look like.. why UETO AYA.. why!!! Huaaa… look like gwen Stephanie.. look like Mariah carey.. but don’t look like UETO AYA..
But then again .. have to wish u congrats lah .. for havin a girl who look like a girl of the century..
Dengar katanya dia dpt anugerah senyuman paling manis 2005… huhuuuuuu
Heard that u look like a star also bb.. cannot remember the name ..
Along… if you’re reading this.. can you make your hair like this.. heh.. I think it’ll fit your looks.. heh:)


bb said...

yuuko-chan told,me look like Crystal Kay..Muahaha!arienaii!arienai!{sambil sebelah tgn melambai2 180°,wink;)}

DaPocket said...

huiyoooo... kna cari gambo crystal n taruk sini so that everyone knows bb...
Soieba .. agak niteru..heh..