Saturday, December 10, 2005


So today I’ve gone to see my Honda, and guess what .. its complete already.. heh.. after this can rempit again lah ..heheh.. can eat out in better place again lah..
But I have to pay like 300 ringgit more.. its kinda politic also.. like some prank on the kurnia…whatever.. I don’t care.. as long as the Honda is with me again.. and this I promise u pocket.. no more sleeping without tucking the Honda into her bed safe and sound.. huhuuuu
Datte… mou ikkai ushinaitakunai kara…
Sunmasenn nee Honda Chann :P


bb said...

Alhamdulillah ne..glad that'SHE's BACK!!:) there's samting written kat sua awek tu...nandarou??;)wink!
(lagi lagi xxxx xxx..bwekkk??)

DaPocket said...

heheh.. something for the eye to read .. heh:)

banji said...

today, it is going to rain.. heavily. now that u have your feet back. take good care of her. i assume it is a she. jgn rempit2 lak.

yankiut said...

pocket dengar nasihat banji tuh..

DaPocket said...

after gettin her back, its 50km/j all the way,(even to the kampung)
Tq banji, nice to hear from u.