Wednesday, September 19, 2012

578. The Hunger Games

as per what stated clearly in the title,
oh yes I have finally watched this movie,
I'm late, yes I know, blame it on the money.

As usual, I will not be writing the review,
I dont know about movies peak and slump,
nor the expressions in people's eyebrow
that sometime movie critiques refer to be inadequate,
or those great great movie review that talks about
the script.. waahhh... pandai nya kamuu...
no.. I will not.

but I can tell u what I felt after watching this movie.
Its a movie that was suppose to be base from a
novel written in 2008. Watching this movie makes
me felt like I've watched it before.. oh oh .. when
was it? yes.. the Battle Royale(2000), a mengarut movie
of kids let to an island to kill among themselves,
That is how the japanese produced their movie
back then, its 'ikut-suka-ati-mak-bapak-aku-la'
kinda attitude which I dont understand.
Lately and only lately that their director was aiming
for the ticket-money rather then 'pure-arts'

And I do realize the heroin from the movie was not
that much skinny. I guess skinny heroin is a thing of
the past... Now its the ladies with muscle's time to shine.
so ladies... what are you waiting for?
shape up those biceps and tone up those abs... :D
leave some lemak around the hip for some 'up and down'
action will ya...
(sis Cheryna Pirez.. u killed me last night okeh!!
check out her post here will ya)
Nak tulih tajuk pung segan dah sikit sikit

Zaman sekarang heroin dah tak seksi dah kan :D

But one thing that I think everyone is missing,
Its the message that tells u its NOT wrong to become
what people want u to become... if its winning u the game,
if its what puts the food on the table,
if its what decide where u die that night,
why not?
Eff your minat... Eff your love...
Eff your respect or self-made-morals,
If it let u sleep well at night..
listening to your kids snore in comfort...
why not?
Why not fake a love?
Why not fake a kiss?
Why not fake a devotion?

Katniss Averdeen did it,
and from that she got meds for Peeta,
and for that she won...
its nothing personal...
its just life...
and everyone wants to win...


Anum said...

anum suka movie nie....
movie yang menunjukkan ketabahan seorang wanita

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

yeah aku pn bru tgk mov ni.. kinda dissapointing ending.. ramai dok compare ngan battle royale yang mana pada aku, movie ni better la...

hmm the message, i think i'm agree yang diorang nak smpaikan message its ok to be someone others want to see, tak semestinya nak kena jadi apa yang kita nak jadi...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i preferred avengers.
Watched it several times and still went for Astro Best.
Hunger Games? This weekend maybe.

But to relate to the topic:

I wanna ask you a question,
Should you be somebody else?
I mean, kalau nak jadi apa yg kita na jadi, it means, you might have to be somebody else.
Yelah, bukan semua org nak jadi different Pocket.
Mainstream is better cuz it makes u acceptable:)

Dee said...

xleh nak komen sgt sbb tak tgk pun movie tu..

tapi faking? ada masanya jgn fake dpn yg tersayang..nti parah u..hahaha..

HEMY said...

at the end of the day..u just need to be somebody bebeh

LelakiSemalam said...

layan gak movie ni

littledolphin said...

i dont watch this so,i cant really imagine what the heroin did here.

for me ,fake is when you try too hard to do something that you are not, to the extend that you struggle too much that it actually stress you out.

fake the love,fake the devotion but make sure you can play the role.

if it decides "where you die that night",well yeah i guess there are times where we need to be what the people want us to be. cos we are desperate?

but of course i hope we all dont have too,cos to change just because we need to please some people is not easy.

Mya said...

mya tak tengok lagi movie ni T_T

Dhiya Fariza said...

no. for i believe in whatever we do there's boundaries set by God. If what we pursue by being what others want us to do, and it makes us deviate by doing something that is unacceptable than no.

Aemy Nadira said...

i think this movie is better than Battle Royale. As long as it's adapted from famous book, it'd be always great. The next sequel, Cathing Fire, will be coming up later. Must watch, k. Hehehe..

Btw, about what you said, yeah u have a good point, but sometimes we have to consider the consequences too. We wouldn't want something bad happen from the things we do..

Bitt (doubeIS) said...

alamak belum tengok lagi...

EpaL c0keLaT said...

I'm back!

My hubby pasang dvd tgk movie ni....then i tdo je dpn tv...hahaha...mmg xtau ape cter ar..

-gedek! said...

last update sept 19?


Gillette Flores said...

1) Heroin die cun melecun *sound so lesbo right? But trust me, I am. Eh, I’m not*
2) Ending die expected – tapi best masa sorang2 di’interview’ *jap2 tgh flashback balik*
3) Well, agreed the moral of the story that u’ve said earlier. But there’s always a risks doing things that others wants us to do. ;)