Tuesday, September 04, 2012

577. Facial Mask.

I once let myself fall to the era
of poverty to the extend of
counting every syiling daily ensuring
all of them does not fall off my pocket,
Cause missing 50cents will cause me
a day's sarapan...
or the dinner will only be...
nasik gawat without teh o ais.
Wanna blame it on the ladies in my life,
but I know it was me who choose to got
involved with more then one.

I have a 'Cheap' buddy then, his name was Farid...
We use to talk about how to save and cutting cost.
We came out with a lot of ideas,
some of them was too stupid...
some u'd think just might work.
Theories like water let drip once per second
does not accounted for in your bills,
So let it drip tonight..
and u can have water to drink tomorrow.
The investment in rechargeable battery
and charge them in the office just so
that I can use the battery powered
'Baby-Fan' to sleep at night.
But most of all, the information on where
to buy dirt-cheap pants, singlet or socks,
food like meat and chicken... or a stall
that sells nasik gawat.
(It was nasik puteh, telur goreng,
sup kosong and teh o ais for RM2)

We use to give each other's info,
we never went together, but we know,
that the info was well used for.
(u can see both of our pants
was from the same model)

But that was 3 years ago,
back then when we were ....'less'
I met Farid on Sunday, it was a gathering,
we were talking with a few other friends,
I didnt realize it when I blurted out about
a local shopping mall was selling jeans
for RM15 and that I bought 3 of them today,
I even showed it in front of the others
the one that I was wearing.
Everybody laughed thinking that it was a joke,
Farid just looked away, bitterly smiling...
'oohh ya ka?'

I guess people are wearing mask all the time,
and I have to wear one too, whenever I am with
buddies, people from the office or their husband,
atleast put on a decent mask will U?

Decent enough to talk about how I
test drive a Grand Livina 1.6MT today,
Decent enough to talk about
decoration on the tangga rumah,
(kalau rumah setingkat atau
rumah flat, tak leh sembang woo!!)
Decent enough to talk about
an oversea trip planned next year.
Decent enough NOT TO TALK about
where to buy udang RM14 sekilo,
or cheap cheap local beef and
of course... cheap cheap Jeans.

Cause not all are proud to show
their real face in public.
Not all...


Bitt (double IS) said...

:) itu la rahsia kehidupan...susah nak share semua sebab hati budi manusia ni berbeza-beza... tapi saya rasa awak seorg yg bijak ;)

Everything's Everythings said...

Yeah I guess not everyones like themselves to get embarrassed by showing their poverty to others..

But what u did is a good effort ^^
Im sure not many ppl out there who is planning as good as u are~

Akue Achik said...

everybody wants to show off their branded things. weird.

oh well, i never feel ashamed to tell other people where i get my cheap things from.

i once pnh kena juga.. "mana kau beli baju kau yg murah tu?"

heh..that time, i was very down. but hey, that person asked because dia nak buy 1 too..

what`s the point of pura2 n berlagak kaya? peliss laa.

berlagak la mcmn skalipun, eventually, people will know....that ur branded things are fake..wahahaha

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

kdg2 kene put the mask in public,coz we never know the intention of the eople we talking to.bukan lahh fake depan mereka, at least xshow off sgt kepribadian kte kot nt senang diambik ksempatan ;)

H.S Wijaya said...

not all are proud of admitting that they bought cheap goods from ordinary places.

for me,not wanting to admit that is not exactly wrong.cos there could be various reasons behind this like 'jaga air muka keluarga so orang tak kutuk-kutuk belakang cos they thought we are in a huge financial crisis',maybe that person is not doing it for him but for his family,his kids,his wife or whatsoever so that they won't be embarassed.

not that we want to pretend being someone else,it's more to the concept of not revealing much about ourselves to avoid ended up being the hot topic in the neighbourhood.facial mask are certainly a need. do not put yourself too low/too high.moderation would be cool.

but lying about it and say that "i only buy branded things" or showing off wealth and whatsoever,i say that is soo unacceptable.even if it's true that someone has wealth ,i dont think that someone should show it off cos poeple always have ill intentions.they label you as someone with a 'higher class' and they take advantage of you/decide to rob you *who knows?*

solution:do not reveal much or like you say wear a mask.but please no fake mask :) do not put ourselves too low/too high in the eyes of the people.both has its pros and cons.

Dhiya Fariza said...

agree with wijaya :)

Chuu Muqhlis said...

blagak branded tp sebenarnya fake., tu lagi malu kot., but then both u and farid mmg bijak kot bhahaha

Mya said...

nasik gawat? ahha comel! :D

teah said...

Hi Pocket! I'm back to blogging, with a new blog url and blog name coz like you said... not all people are proud to show their real face in public. Ha-ha. You really got me!

I've read an article once that all of us have our own image that we'd like to portray to the outside world. That's why not everyone have the courage to reveal everything about themselves...

Adila said...

...well, you know this better
got money, ppl sanjung2
no money, org hina yo!

better be rich than poor
but of course jgn berlagak rich if poor

anamizu kaito said...

tu lah. agreed with wijaya too..
ada pros and cons.
haruslah pandai.

no fake2 mask okeh ;)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Dear Pocket,

Yes. It's me. Don't make that face in front of the computer.

I just want to say that most of us would love to be mainstream. We want things to be lovely and attractive and most importantly, Normal.

There are category of people who would want to appear different. They read books about Musolini, trash Austen and Shakespeare and choose "kedai buku cinta" instead of Alaf 21.

Yes, they might looked abnormal, but it's the wow factor which makes them noticable.

So, go get that wow...."you're just like us" factor or woooow..."you have style" factor.

Then. And then. People will accept you.

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

less word - biar papa asal bergaya..

Aemy Nadira said...

hmmm..sounds familiar to me. i was different back then, i was one of those people that want to look as "up-to-date" as possible to be someone who
they want and what they like..well, yeah, i did it just to fit in. but then i realized that i wasted my time pretending to be someone i'm not. so i took off that mask & return to my real self. now i prefer to be invisible & unnoticeable..

EZAN IDMA said...

oh awk panggil nasi gawat eh? tempat saya panggil nasi koboi. tapi ada sambal belacan sikit. hhehehe

ch000tz axoera ヅ said...


ch000tz axoera ヅ said...

say NO to Gucci, LV, Coach sebab FAKE hahahahahah cleaner kat office used the same brand! >_<