Thursday, May 10, 2012

552. Recently Realized...


A short post on my sick leave day.
(Sick again kan... apooo lah punya antibodi)

A few things i've just came to realize,
- I get sick easily recently. even the slightest temperature change
can make me sick now. Ohh... am i that old? ok moving on.

- having RM1000 as a monthly income seems too less now.
Not to say that people who are earning RM1K per month 
will not be able to do things, rezeki is not from money only okeh!
but with the current way of life... 
Astro for RM60
Housing loan that would reach 400 <-this is cheap!!!
Cars that would cost RM300 <- kancil second hand?
and a pack of 5kg beras cap rambutan that cost RM13.
U have to earn more... 
(Of course MAMA did raised us three pirates that eats and drink
like we've been sailing for years with salary of even less then RM1K... 
but that was when P-Ramlee was still alive!!, that wont count)

so for those that is still attending school!! get those papers!!!
earn 5 digit by your first 10 years of working. And u'll be OK.

- kids becoming adult faster these days.
a fourteen year old boy can actually do 
damage to people just like a pakcik in 
his forties can. 
I guess it is all returning 
back to the old days. 
A cycle. 
Previously people loved 
bell bottom jeans, then 
out came carrot cut, 
tight jeans and then straight cut.
by the end of 90s the bell bottom came back.... 
and now? straight cut i guess.... 

A cycle. 
My great grandmother let their daughter's hand tied
to the marriage lock by the age of 12. 
By the 90s, 27 was consideredandartu already. 
I wonder how will it be by another 20 years?
Girls getting married by their sweet 16?
Boys working by akil baligh?

-hey hey!! i have just noticed that i cant 'add-friends' to a stranger
in FB anymore...
then how do we eratkan ukhwah sesama insan?(ukhwah la sangat kan?)
then how do we get to know strangers for business purpose?
and the most important thing will be.... 
then how do we meet cute young girls? <- ada lagi semangat tuu!!

so pocketeers, 
that is about it with my random 'recently-realized' post.
its been a while, i've been sleeping everytime the light went out.
missing u, missing me, chiao baby :D


littledolphin said...

perhaps it's just your immune system.maybe you wanna consider drinking fresh citrus fruit juice like oranges?

"so for those that is still attending school!! get those papers!!! earn 5 digit by your first 10 years of working. And u'll be OK"<- i'm torn between getting high salary and going for the things i want.I used to want to take up journalism for degree,but now i think im going for PR.PR provide better income and job offers,and fortunately i enjoy interacting with people,so i dont really mind this,nowadays people can always have their own newspaper column even without a degree in journalism.kan?even a column is enough for me ,you see.:)

girls getting married by their sweet sixteen? oh myy,i hope not.

really tak boleh add strangers dah? tak perasan la pula.lama tak buka fb.(padahal baru one week lol)

nUR_rOsALiNdA said...

Ye ke fb dah x boleh add strangers?? Tak try pulak lagi..Beh tu camne nak berkenal-kenalan??

Shafiq said...

Yup.. I agree. Much changes and what happened in the past might reoccurred back. Lifestyle nowadays is much more different than it was back then. :-)

Fatin Mraz said...

adakah sebab pertukaran department, poket?

zonaku said...

life goes on.... i noticed i fall sick easily when i'm unhappy....

monitor your triggered point.

ciK LyndaWawa said...

hai..lame tak jenguk sini.......=]hai..halo...

Hanie Dew said...

kurang vitamin kot pocket.
1K memg kurang sesuai dgn taraf hidup skrg ni.bukan nak action tp kenyataan.even 2K can't afford to buy a house(housing loan la).RM400 per month instalment?KAT MANA?!

aku kawin umur 24, consider normal kan.tak awal tak lewat..jusstt niiceee..hehehehe.

get well soon pocket.and if you've recovered, don't fall seek again.

Aemy Shamy said...

i missed u!!! hehe...

do u eat more veggies? take vitamin C..or drink honey every morning before u eat breakfast. that's boost ur antibody. be well soon :)

i spent my monthly wages for clothes, books, prepaid reloads, lunch, & stuff in Watson. someday im gonna use those wages for astro bills, car, house rent, & beras...ohh! somehow i dont wanna get older.. :p

oh u remind me of 50+ pending friend requests on my fb..hehehe....they're mostly strangers, & i dont have time to review them 1 by 1....huhu..

dhiera said...

get well soon pocket~ macam buah banyak2 na..

tiap2 bulan bayar kereta, sewa rumah, bil telefon, broadband, streamyx dekat kampung kite bayar kan, bagi duit dekat mak, simpan nak kahwin.. huh..sesak2. baki bulan bawa ke bulan depan rm150 tu cukup2 buat untuk emergency. naseb tak beli rumah lagi. kalau dah beli, 1k monthly tu kire murah la tu~

saya tak approve orang yg tak dikenali~ ala, ada ramai kawan dalam FB tu, bukan semua pun kita bertegur sapa..

eh, sekarang dah ramai yang kawen awal. awal pun tak awal sangat la kan. kebanyakan umur 22 / 23 tahun dah kawen.

Akue Achik said...

sy pon asyik sakit je...lemah antibodi..huhuu

kawen by 12? dulu2 iye la kot..skg 40 pon mcm bru 16..haha

Hanie Dew said... nye

anamizu kaito said...

pocket dah sehat ke??? lama gila tak blogwalking semenjak lappy crack T______T

1K mmg cosider skit kalo coompred dgn hidop zmn skg ni.. mcm2 benda nk kena byr.. celik mata smua duit..fuhhhh~

*amalkan minum HONEY every morning to boost ur energy ;)

cik ana

Hanie Dew said...

mana mana pocket. sihat ke. bizi ke. tak idea ke. ops..hihihi.

zieyzain said...


lama xsinggah sini. cepat2 sembuh yaa =) take care ..

Aemy Shamy said...

hey hey hey where are u....? ;)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hmm bnyk mkn sayur dude..hehe

~SaL IjOu~ said...

Sal pun da dua kali jatuh Alhamdulillah kalo sakit kejap je.nak kene excercise n byk minum air~

harapnya pocket da ok by now~

fb..hmm, bak kata sorang kwn, just bukak, tgk n tutup balik...sgt x aktif~~

Cha said...

Heyy where've you been pocket?

are you okay?