Monday, May 30, 2011

349. OhHappyDay -Two-

so here i am continuing the story, hoping the story make sense.

...and so they walked to the lake, talking, telling jokes to
each other, Squirrel sometime hop onto Turtle's house
to fix any basket that rock out of placed. Turtle and Cat was
making jokes of everyone else they see along the way,
Rabbit kept on laughing, trying to impress Cat but she was
ignored by the two jokers.
Making jokes all around. laughing merrily,
oh what a happy day.

At last they've arrive. Dog was waiting happily,
Circling around like he was chasing his own tail, hopping and
barking to them to get their attention. Behind him was the fire
prepared earlier to grill the BBQ, some chicken was already on
the grilling net, so were fishes and snails. The spot was the
best spot there is, a little area to lay the picnic blanket on,
a table like stone placed on the corner of the spot to put food on,
a small stream flowing nearby for them to wash their hands
and a big tree for the shade. Bed of flower here and there.
And last but not least, an electric source to plug in the LCD tv
or to charge your HTC Desire HD.

Seeing this, Squirrel just couldnt brace herself and start to
run towards dog like dog was food. Rumors has it that she's
so much attracted to Dog, as she was hopping her way towards him,
just to her dismay, she trip over some branches and stumble
to the dirt face first. Rolled a bit and stay still for a while.

Everyone panicked! they could've sworn they heard something
broken, Dog hastily approached her as she's still lying on the dirt,
she stands up as quickly as she could and yell in texan tongue
'i'm good!! i'm ok!! no need to worry!! heheh' chuckling.
(Imagine Sandy from SpongeBob ok)
'But your feet is bleeding' says the turtle,
'oh that is nothing, just a scratch from the branch i'd say... silly me
she added as she limps over to the water.

Washed the blood off her feet and came running back
to everybody with smile in her face and breaks the silence with
'what a nice smell!! that is some nice stuff on the grill Dog'
Dog just smile with Squirrel wittiness.
Oh Happy Day!!


so berhati hati dijalan raya kawan,
yes kalaupun nak happy, jangan la wat lawak
sampai terjatuh hidung dulu, firstly sakit.
secondly a lady in full kebaya with a bleeding nose
is not that cute ok:D..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

348. Oh Happy Day -One-

Pocketeers, i've wrote a story recently,
turned out to be too long,
so i'm separating it to 5 part.
hoping i wont bore u with the long story.
read on folks,
i know u guys would know what i meant
by the end of the story.

>one< Oh happy day! ohh happy day!
today Rabbit was invited by her friends for a picnic,
the most reliable Dog was invited and so does the Cat,
there were five of them,
another two was the turtle and the squirrel.

'truut! truut!' the phone rang,
'yes! yes! turtle.. two minute and i'll be right up'
says the rabbit hurrying along putting her contact lense.
They're not always red u know.
As the rabbit came out of her hole,
she greets all of her friends, kisses on cheeks.
and then she realize. Dog was not there.
'Hey squirel.. why is it that dog is not here?'
'oh he went to the lake first' answered squirrel
' make sure that we got spot to sit.
u know how the lake is during this season.'
finished squirel.

its the opening of a beautiful spring morning and
the lake would be filled with colours and the sky is blue,
sunlight piercing to the water and the temperature is just perfect.

Happy Day! Happy Day!
'oh so i brought carrot cake with me today,
anyone kind enough to carry it for me?'
says the rabbit with her cute face hoping
for Cat to carry it for her.
'U can put them here rabbit, like everbody else.
i think there's still room for two more' suggested
the turtle willingly.
The back of the turtle was rough enough for
the basket to be placed without the fear of slipping.
Rabbit can see a wooden box,
most probably from squirrel,
a neat paper box is definitely from Cat,
and lastly a bag made of leaf.
That is definitely from the turtle.

and so she delicately placed her basket onto turtle's back,
there were two of them,
one for the carrot cake another for mee goreng mamak.
tak dak daging, tak dak toge(Cat hates toge)
tokua and cucur tepung only.

and off they go to their lovely picnic.
something they've been looking forward to since Autumn.


dont u just love picnic..
anyone who just had picnic angkat tangan!!?
cause i planned for one and it didnt go as i intended.
gaji tak masuk lagi so, picnic kat umah jer.
ngan maggi plus nasi goreng minyak (Nasik goreng ngan minyak je)
huu huuuu

Friday, May 27, 2011

347. Hanya Jauhari Mengenal Manikam..

excuse my ignorance, for i was just born recently

my last post was about bahasa jiwa bangsa,
a 3 word i use to hear from the day i started to know RTM,
but never understand it fully until recently. Can i blame it
on my cikgu darjah nam? or my father for not teaching us
the meaning of such word..
I guess the blame is on me.

There is a lot of other 'ayat ayat cinta' out there,
antonyms, syncronyms, acronyms.. hell i'm not that
intelligent enough to even know the general word
for it.

n dont ask me about the meaning,
some i know the meaning but dont know the purpose.
some i kinda figured out the purpose, but dont know the meaning.
like the title 'Hanya Jauhari Mengenal Manikam'

yes, i understand the purpose, it used to describe only
a person or a profesion related to the field knows the value
of an item in the stated field'
i bet u guys know that too.

but what is 'Jauhari'?
or who is 'Jauhari'?
Johari is a classmate from form 4 Fasih back in 1994.
And who or what is manikam?

if manikam is a thing then jauhari is a profesion?
or a counterpart in 'perigi mencari timba'?
like a key got the keyhole.
and the spoon got the forks

Yes it is ridiculous for me not to know the meaning
and still calling myself melayu.
i guess the blame would be to my cikgu kemahiran hidup.

(Cause i dont think i'm 'mahir' enough to 'hidup')

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

346. BahasaJiwaBangsa...

we were talking the other day,
having pointless chat with some kakak..
and a few indonesian adik about all sorts of thing,
mostly ngumpat.

The conversation went all the way from how to cook
an ayam masak lemak to the mechanical of tsunami.
one of the item came down to a question of whether
ladies talk the dirty talk.
and so i've ask one of the girls
She said that they do talk,
but just among themself,
not with others, especially with men,

and being the naughty me, i have to ask.. why?

her answer was interesting enough
for me to share here.. with u guys.
instead of answering the typical
answer one usually heard like...
...'malu laaa'
...'kami tak suka sembang gitu'
...'berdosa tau!'

she answered ... 'bahasa jiwa bangsa'
oh how patriotic u are to answer in such
bombastic three words we've always
heard from our primary school.

she elaborated...
..bahasa disini bukan intonasi, perkataan,
teloq atau formal ke tak formal jer,
bahasa disini termasuk lah 'isi' dan juga 'maksud'.
kalau isi tu semuanya bagus bagus jer,
Bangsa tu pun bagus bagus lah.
kalau isi dan maksud yang seseorang macam
kelanunan jer, bangsa si pencakap tu pun lanun lah jadinya.
nampak cam lanun. tak leh pakai.

bayangkan sorang wanita muka comel,
puteh bersih, ngan postur tegak lagi anggun
dok sembang tentang perkara lucah jer..
tentang betapa dia suka dilakukan itu ini...
tentang hari tu, ada itu ada ini..
tak nampak cantik jgak kan..
nampak cam bohsia berpeleseran ditepi jalan jgak kan.
kan ker buruk persepsi orang nanti kan.

dan ada beza antara persepsi dari lelaki dan pompuan,
kalau wanita berpandangan begitu terhadap seorang
wanita lain, ok jer..
dia simply gatal sikit or ber terus terang orang nyer jer kot...

tapi kalau seorang lelaki berpandangan
sebegitu terhadap sorang wanita tu bahaya!!
pasal wanita yang lucah itu tadi akan dianggap
'senang' atau 'buleh' sebab kalau sembang pasal
teori sana sini pun dia buleh sembang,
setakat nak practical sekali dua tu ok jgak kan..
persepsi tu yg tak mau tu, pasal lelaki... mesti ajak punya!...
kalau ajak ok lagi, kalau dilanyak nyer terus?
kan ker buruk padahnya.

so ... Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

..Wah wah, u can be a school teacher,
come to think of it,
i've never understood the true meaning of
'bahasa jiwa bangsa' before this. now i know.

Did You?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

345. It Is May Already

It is may already and i am not posting as much as i used too.

i'm merindui my daily post,
i'm missing you guys,
and most of all, i'm missing u.
trust me when i say dat i've been checking
your blog almost everyday,
just to know 'how are you?'

yes yes, i have my reason,
As u know i've moved out from my previous apartment
to a low cost terrace house. the fact that i am not actually
moved yet disturbs me, some of the boxes is still not open
yet, my computer is actually placed on the floor.
the lay out is still in the 'temporary mode'..
the temporary mood... makes me feel like i am watched
by both of my housemate.
its like they're saying ...
'u're blogging while your stuff is still lying all over?
go on and clean the mess in the store room la woi!'

My computer is making its attention demand.
its making sound again. i cant even 'ON' the damn thing.
so posting using my housemate's lappy is a bit menyedihkan,

I dropped my K701 Sony Errickson!
The one dat can take pic 'paparazzi'ly
the one dat i've been relying on for so long,
now gone, used by some other malay or chinese
guy out there. sold maybe, used maybe,
adehlaaa... this actually slows down my posting.
cause i cant pre-type my karangan first.

so anyway.. that will be the reason,
have to shoot one by one,
and let my days of daily posting
come again.

i'm missing u, how about u?