Sunday, May 29, 2011

348. Oh Happy Day -One-

Pocketeers, i've wrote a story recently,
turned out to be too long,
so i'm separating it to 5 part.
hoping i wont bore u with the long story.
read on folks,
i know u guys would know what i meant
by the end of the story.

>one< Oh happy day! ohh happy day!
today Rabbit was invited by her friends for a picnic,
the most reliable Dog was invited and so does the Cat,
there were five of them,
another two was the turtle and the squirrel.

'truut! truut!' the phone rang,
'yes! yes! turtle.. two minute and i'll be right up'
says the rabbit hurrying along putting her contact lense.
They're not always red u know.
As the rabbit came out of her hole,
she greets all of her friends, kisses on cheeks.
and then she realize. Dog was not there.
'Hey squirel.. why is it that dog is not here?'
'oh he went to the lake first' answered squirrel
' make sure that we got spot to sit.
u know how the lake is during this season.'
finished squirel.

its the opening of a beautiful spring morning and
the lake would be filled with colours and the sky is blue,
sunlight piercing to the water and the temperature is just perfect.

Happy Day! Happy Day!
'oh so i brought carrot cake with me today,
anyone kind enough to carry it for me?'
says the rabbit with her cute face hoping
for Cat to carry it for her.
'U can put them here rabbit, like everbody else.
i think there's still room for two more' suggested
the turtle willingly.
The back of the turtle was rough enough for
the basket to be placed without the fear of slipping.
Rabbit can see a wooden box,
most probably from squirrel,
a neat paper box is definitely from Cat,
and lastly a bag made of leaf.
That is definitely from the turtle.

and so she delicately placed her basket onto turtle's back,
there were two of them,
one for the carrot cake another for mee goreng mamak.
tak dak daging, tak dak toge(Cat hates toge)
tokua and cucur tepung only.

and off they go to their lovely picnic.
something they've been looking forward to since Autumn.


dont u just love picnic..
anyone who just had picnic angkat tangan!!?
cause i planned for one and it didnt go as i intended.
gaji tak masuk lagi so, picnic kat umah jer.
ngan maggi plus nasi goreng minyak (Nasik goreng ngan minyak je)
huu huuuu


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...


Waiting for the next episode abang!


Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Baik hati betul si turtle tu...

Hari minggu, kawasan pantai peranginan di sini memang agak sesak terutama cuti sekolah. Cuaca pun panas sangat. So, Kak long pergi picnic dengan adik-beradik kat Jusco aje.

filanastasia said...


lama tak jenguk ke sini... aishhh seronok nya kalau tak bz dan dapat ber'picnic' kan.. mcm sgt mendalam ini cerita daa.. mahu sambungannya please.. *sambil kelip kelip mata mcm sang rabbit..* hohohoh

HEMY said...

hehe..aku pn tak gaji lagi..ingatkan company aku je tak bagi gaji lagi

picnic mmg best..santai je..takde xtvt spesifik

intan.maisarah said...

nak sambungan!

Pocket said...

sndiri pung tak sabar nak truskan nih :D

memang memang, turtle kiranya cam yg paling tua lah dlm tu,
dlm 147tahun gitu :D

picnic kat jusco tu makan hotplate ker? tak pung claypot? :D
gaji dah masuk!! pocket pung nak gi picnic lah^^

hooh hooh,
lama gak tak menjenguk anda,
kini panas lama mula membara,
moga pocket banyak kesana juga :D

Picnic kalau ada aweks comel bermain bola tampar juga besh.
santaaaaiiii jer :D

umph, sambungan nyer mlm ni :D
jap nak ammend memana yg patut.