Friday, February 17, 2006


Dear all, we've lost the cat the other day, a very sad lost. Though his presents was ignored nor he was acknowledged by all.
He's just the cat which maktuk fed every day with fish head.
He's just the cat which we seldom pat on the head.
He's just the cat which we dont dub him any name.
He's just 'kuching'
But he's the cat we miss today,
and he's the cat we burried on the 12th of Feb'06 with awfull rain dripping like tears
till we meet again.
Hope your short two years hanging with us was worth living it.


filantera said...

huwaaaaa seddih la pulok. well as i am the jobless one, i do play with him a bit. just when get really bored i would call him just for fun and ask (force is more like it) him to run up and down the house once in a blue moon.

rasa cam nak carik kucing lain, rasa cam tanak blea apa apa dah (after kura2 or 2K died in 1st radan last two years).

yan becoming abit more cuter said...

is it true banji dah nak kawen??!!!
jgn lupa post gambar plak nanti pocket..

DaPocket said...

yup,he's going to tie the knot dis year. me? dont even ask, another couple of years maybe.
Pic? will sure be posting theirs wedding moment here lah:P

banji said...

first... takziah kepada familyku kerana kehilangan satu lagi pet. remember guys, mula2 kalau tak salah (not in order) ikan, labi2, kura2 (which is the toughest ever), burung merbuk patah sayap, ayam yg suka makan pasir. sekarang kuching. hmm anyway i believe he (it is a he rite?) live a full life.

menjawab soalan saudari yan. :) insyaAllah kalau takde aral melintang. once dah confirm tarikh bleh la menjemputl. wedding planner dah hired. FOC lagi, hehe but one of the best ever. :)

adik pun ada blog? nice... banji tumpang blog korang je la.