Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bai bai ila, hopefully u’ll be still visiting this pocket of mine and comment something just to know that u’re still alive and gengki:) u’re one most adorable fren, hopefully I’ll be seeing you again whenever I’m in KL. Gambare yo!!
Coretan seterusnya di curahkan ke bentuk penulisan pada minggu lepas. Tetapi tidak di ceritakan kepada mu pocket.. heh.. since I’ve been busy lah pocket…
I’ve went to this restaurant where u have to pay 5% for govt tax and additional 10% for service charge. Ate with frenz o mine for 5 person.. actually we were in a good mood .. since this fren was going to ‘berhijrah’ to a better place with better pay … I’ve particularly mentioned some requirement to the waitress on how I want my food to be served. It’s not much..
just a simple extra cutting..
this one is blackpepper flavor…
that one original flavor …
extra mayonnaise for the Indian fren…
less ice on the coke please…
but when the food turns up, they didn’t even try to fulfill my needs. Why? I’ve worked in a restaurant for 2 years and I’ve been trying to meet with any customers fussy order. But when it was my time to be the customer, why is it that no one even bother?huh!!
Then I’ve called the waitress, explained to her in the most polite way, with a smile in my face (like not showing my anger)
She listened,
She said sorry,
She went to the back and report it to the big boss..
They didn’t do anything bout it..
maybe just a simple ‘be careful next time’
Well I don’t care bout her carrier.. just bout my food.
Then came this ironic part bout this story.
I felt vain inside, why haaa? She was the one who fucked things up… I did tell her bout our requirement in the most polite way.. and when I tell her the mistake she just made, I’ve tried my best to tell her in the most orderly fashion so that she wont get hurt with my words…. Even smiled.. but why is it that I’m feeling this pain in this heart like I’ve just fucked things up? Why ?
Maybe there are thing best left unsaid…
Is it?
How haaa pocket?


yan dah kurang kiut said...

tuh la pocket nih dah kira isu lapuk dah la..memang leh buat ati panas je..dah le charge service..tapi service tak setara mana sgt, atau kita yang letak standard terlalu tinggi????Penah gi warung..dengar makcik nih order very particular ttg makanan yg dia order untuk anak dier..jgn letak cili banyk, carrot jgn bubuh..suprisingly leh plak warung tepi jalan tuh buat..takde service charge pun..hah!

yuuichirounis said...

Tadi baru lepas gi makan ngan adik aku..baru jer duduk kat meja,si mamat yg amik order pun futsuuni duduk sekali ngan kitorg sambil kasi menu n get ready nak tulis order...huh berbulu sungguh dibuatnya!..Ker tu salah satu cara nak beramah dgn customer?..don't think so!...

Hey i'm back!
Hepi New Year 1427!!
Selamat mengHijrah2kan diri.. :-)