Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mornin pocketeers..

Saikin bziiiii sesangat kat sini.. terasa cam nak lari..
Bila bz ni .. kna gi kesana kemari .. terasa cam nak lari..
Banyak sangat benda dalam minda ni .. terasa cam nak lari..
Bdn pun dah makin gemuk .. terasa cam nak lari..
Kena ijime ngan customer .. terasa cam nak lari..
Wit tak der .. terasa cam nak lari (apasal lak kan :P )
Anyway .. fon no dah tukar .. dari ..
019-497xxxx ker 019-477xxxx
Mato ni ngantut .. tersangat sangat la bari bari..
Anyway babai la jap .. nenanti kita tulih lagi…
mkn knduri kari ikan pari..sambal ikan duri..nando's peri peri


filantera said...

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refering to the above time no wonder la u feel like u want to run..
life is work and work is not so fun...
happiness come in currency each end of the month,
sometimes its hard even to notices the sun...
there are so many things have to be done...
luckily u still have to worry anything bigger like as if u have a son,

dont forget to stop for a while,
smell the flowers and throw a big smile, because each day we traveled a thousand mile, and whatever u are doing, do it with style....hahahah tah apa apa punya pantun

anyway just come back to kampung and let have a swim la brother...laksa, kueyteow udang satu, kerang rebus semangkuk, karaoeke sejam dua

and run run run

bb said...

"dear,realize that: the privilege to work is a gift, the power to work is a blessing, the love of work is success!"

banji said...

filantera : essay <300 words? aiseh.. apa nak buat check internet seminggu sekali. banyak le things to mention this and that.

anyway.... unrelated to this post, life has been good to me in bahau. tested yesterday.. only 109km to kl. about 2 hours, it does seem that im driving 50km/hr. i sort of did, the road is very snaky. still very early to comment on things, but from the look ill be having a lot of those daging salai masak lomak cili padi. perh

i second everything filantera and bb said. some people does say that do what u love and you will never have to work your entire life. but the truth is, it is very hard to get ur dream job. i guess what u can really do is just try to love ur existing job and HALFLY never have to work your entire life.

dapocket said...

Nice one brother..
At least we have each other..
Feeling happy like no one else bother..
Makan rebung cam beruang pande..
Tgh duk tak der keje.. heh:P
well actually banyak jgakkeje..
tp cam mls nak wat papee..
pasal ari ni maji de pening kepale..
heheh.. tq lah guys..

humbly me... said...

"work is like marriage, sometimes u feel bless to have this marriage, sometimes u feel like u want to enter that single world again, sometimes u enjoy being accompanied, sometimes u want ur time alone, but how much u dont like it, in the end u ll be smiling and thank god for the rezki given..."-humbly me