Thursday, August 04, 2011

362. WayangKulet

Pocketeers, how is your week?
its the fourth day of posa, i guess most of us wont
feel that hungry anymore... yes?
doing good so far? well good for u.
me? i've been cutting my self up the whole week,
now i cant feel hungry anymore from the pain all

anyway, what i will write down below is a little bit
annoying and i hope u guys dont go jumping up
and down calling me a freak or a perv before
u could hear me out.
i dont wanna elaborate from point to point in a
normal karangan way, but i will put point form instead.
easier to read ... kot

1) Lately, there is less klivej and skin
in the net and i am not loving it at all.
it is actually good!! in a good way and healthy
community of muslimah way it is good.
but the noty me says otherwise.
Previously its one after another...
everyone is racing to show, or to camwhore..
Ladies are wearing their baju so low in the chest
that i could swear i 'm starting to notice a change
of skin colour already. <-please kuningkan otak anda
untuk memahami ayat ni.
HotPants here and there.. and even bikini's.
oh those days of blogging.. how i miss those days.
but nowadays ... its after 10 blogs of bloghopping,
then only can u find one. that is if u'r lucky. pergh!!!
but pocket, i tot u can still look for those 'NotyPicture'
from a foreign site. well now that is a question
for another point to be answer.

2) I think its something about the religious prohibition
that makes their pic worth more, not to forget
one particular race that despice skin, shape, colour exposure.
that makes the pic even sweeter dont u think?
klivej or nice legs? u can always search for any
Non Muslim blog dat the owner luv to dress up
for the night life. easy right?
but in this demented opinion of the pocket,
by looking at someone's hair from the internet
knowing that she actually wears tudong in her
normal everyday attire brings out the wave in
the bloodstream. its like knowing a secret.
secret are always fun right?
makes u feel special.
shh.. u jangan bagi tau orang tau.. ni kita dua jer.

3) Rahsia, i have a rahsia to share,
regardless of the noty me who are tormented from
not getting any sexy pic lately. I still think it is going
to a better custom. Where girls no longer need to be
sexy just to look good or to attract reader.
Where u can look at a ladies pic for more then
20 second just because she is plain beautiful without
the sexiness.
kinda felt safe.. my future daughter, may look like
this if i teach her wearing her tudung properly,
and for that i am thankful (Syukur).

now now for those non muslim who are reading this,
please dont be alarm, i am not in anyway despise u guys.
u guys are beautiful in your own way:D and i still need
a miligram or two of 'sexy' dosage every now and then.

but pocketeers, if anybody would ask, i would definitely say..
'punya la boring kebelakangan ni, dah kurang dah gambo
awek comel comel yg sexy sexy dlm net lg.. hoh!!'
even though deep inside, i thank those ladies who make
wearing tudung look beautiful, who changed the course
and perception of being beautiful from sexiness..
to secretive beauty.



miss nina said...

ehem, try to digest ape yg pocket tulis hari ni.
well said. erk..yakin boleh , insyaAllah

aemynadira said...

yeah i no longer look like a zombie :p hehe. i'm getting used to not eating by day, its great because it makes me think that i'm slim already :p haha.

though i'm a free hair person, i do wish i would be opened up to wear hijab someday. and i will keep on reminding myself everyday to not showing off too much skin on public :)

una berry said...

haish, puasa supposedly to puasa semua la pocket, kalau x dapat penat je

Kujie said... walking cari yg seksi je


ngape mendarat kat blog kak jie pulak

mana ade seksi2 kt situ..hehehe

HEMY said...

gue paham..kita hepi deme dah alert pasal pic dlm masa yg sama suka gak kalau ada yg buka2...hehehe

Okayarms said...

Wow dude... so many secrets of yours out in one post ;D

Cool cool.

Okayarms said...

Wow dude... so many secrets of yours out in one post ;D

Cool cool.

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

those first , and 2nd paragraph/statement = too sincere , do make me feel like "eerrrrr , dieee nie? "

ok dah , takut nak bertandang lame2 , nak balik , bye ~ haha

Pocket said...

Sila Sila,,

u dont attract readers to yourblog by your sexiness. but by your wittiness and creative writing.
(or am i not digging that deep yet?)

so chill ok :D
i'll go to your blog regardless

malam malam jer, dah berbuka kan :D

U are sexy..
once in 1950s
heheheh (Kejam sangat ker )

Yes, lu memang paham apa yg nak ku sampaikan bro :D

so first and second was ...
"eerrrrr , dieee nie? "
(Although i would like an elaboration)

what about the third?

Echa said... 3 tue menarik..haha~

btw, in short..InsyaAllah kalau sdh terbuka hati sure akan pakai tudung.