Monday, November 22, 2010

329. Praying... kuatkanlah iman ini ..

I use to have a lady friend who's cute and easygoing,
Tall and thin, fair as any vanilla flavored ice cream look like
with iq so high, u'd think she might be a prosecutor. talks a lot.
She was one of those who are genetically intelligent
but never got the chance to go to any good school.
The father never let her out of her kampung worrying
she will ruin her life by all those demonic culture
outside her kampung. and she stupidly obliged.

Lots of sweet memories with her, i was there for a few
of her first time experience. (Bukan bukan.. bukan !!!)
I was there on her first flight take off.
(She was the one holding my hand.. not me ok!!)

Her first visit to melaka,
(Did i mentioned she never left her kampung before?)
Her first swimming pool. (Malam lagiiii, ohh kenangan pergi la jauh!!)
Seems like from where she came from,
ladies are not allowed to swim
(...and i accidentally brought two of my swimming tights.. hummm?)

Well i have to admit that I was fond of her in so many ways.
One of them is that she allows me to touch her,
Now now pocketeers.. dont get too naughty..
when i say 'touch her' i dont mean touching her 'there'.
Easy said our skins were not foreign to each other and
this thumb of mine went in where i think no other men
have gone before. (Mengurut belakang leher lah!!)
She's intelligent,
amat lah sopan nyer salam cium tangan mama pocket,
she makes me milo one night.. and a picture of me growing old
with her flashed for 0.4second. ohh..
well what is there not to love about her.

but she have a BF.
Who is also from her kampung,
Who is also possesive like her father,
Who is not that handsome. (This i add up)
Who also knows about a handsome apek looking guy is flirting
with his girl.

There was one night i was sending her home after our johor trip,
he was waiting with a few of his friends wanting to plow this face
of mine with a metal buku lima. I got out of the car,
chest fully inflated like a gorilla offensive stands and say..
'wanna do anything to me, make sure i'm dead after,
or else i'll saman everyone here so high,
that your father
will be looking for tin can to pay for food'
didnt think much!! yes i know. but it worked!!
no one moved, good! Make a bit of garang face and
got in the car, wet my pants.
Shivered like i'm having demam kepialu.
(Ok ok.. i'm not that brave.. i know)

We got separated after she left the company,
Some say her BF was intimidated by me and forced her to leave.
Some say she got better offer elsewhere.
I say she's afraid of falling for me, hence the resign letter.
(This... i perasan sorang sorang ok)

kept on wondering though... what if.

After three years, the dark cloud that hovers on this forever autum
life of mine opened a bit, letting a bright light shining over this land
of nothingness, for an instance a flower nearly bloomed.

Met her with some friends the other day,
giggling over some naked manekin in Jusco nearby my house.
'hai.. kenal lagi? lamanya tak jumpa.. sihat? kenapa tak call?'
'my hubby delete number u dlm henpon i.. then dia tukar number i ,
so memang la tak leh nak call dah... '

'sampai camtu skali.. dah kawin ngan dia?'
'dah, 3 tahun dah,' she tone down her voice,
slowly gliding away from her friends audible zone.
'uuu.. tak jemput pon. baby?'
'xder rezeki lagi, maybe u buleh tolong?'
i just smiled and say.. 'maybe'
but in my heart i'm screaming..

After an awkward moment of fidgeting and swinging
left and right shifting my weight from one leg to the other,
'so call me please!! kenal kenal balik'
Her thin lips curled to a smile.
'umph.. i will!!'

and she left.

Got back to my crib and lay on my back with
my hand on my forehead wondering..
This is a great opportunity but,
why am I thinking twice to call her now?

jangaaaan la kantul.. hummmmmmmm...

loh!! kesitu pulak?


aBoi said...

jangan cari pasal... =P

Unknown said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... no comment.. tepuk dada tnya ar selera... :)

Dee said...

a'ah..jgn cari pasal..kwn jgn lebeh2..hahaha..

Kekanak Osaka said...

hmmm...dou darou.

Pocket said...

Aboi, Dee,
tu kira cari pasal ker kak?
kita ikhlas jer nak menjalinka ukhwah
(Tp selak dalam ati nampak orang duk mencangkung ngan tangan digosok gosok bagai memanaskan badan sambil tersenyum jahat.. oh oh!! ada tanduk!!)

dah tepuk dah.. selera kata go!!

dou deshoo.. iku?

sweet-girlicious said...

but it worked!!
no one moved, good! Make a bit of garang face and
got in the car, wet my pants.
Shivered like i'm having demam kepialu.......ahhahahhahhahahh!!!!!!!what a words!!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

pocket!!! jangan buat benda bukan2 na.... nanti amy ngadu kat ehem kang. LOL... =P

Anonymous said...

cari kawan lain je la...