Thursday, August 19, 2010

303. Rahsia 1

after the third time i'm trying to write this story,
below is the only way that i find easy to understand
and hopefully a more interesting to read.
so its either short and boring like this...
'a ada anak, anak dia gi jalan jalan ngan mak dia... '
or below... long and winding, but i hope its worth the time :)
Here goes...

The light started to shine from outside, the bird
chirping like they're enjoying their happy morning
although if we would understand bird tongue,
we will know that they're actually cursing the human
for removing their newly built nest.

misia comes to her senses, she is awake,
still covered in her comfortable pillow and blanket,
trying to figure out what day is today, her whereabout
and what's that nice smell of cili tumis will turn into...
mee goreng? nasi lemak? humm humm..
she reaches her diary nicely placed on the cofee table
near the sofa she's sleeping in. All the answers will
be there.. these past few week have been hectic, crazy
and even ridiculous if one hears about em...
The diary was marked, Misia opens the diary to read
her mothers writing, blue font with decorative flower
inbetween paragraphs,

misia, ibu bangun pagi ni dengan bau abah duk masak
mee goreng, bau udang kering yg tengik sangat sangat,
mesti dia tak basuh dulu lah tu, dia cranky sangat
pasal dia ada problem besar yg berlaku kat tpt keja dia,
mee segera baru dalam development katanya...
ibu pakai baju misia yg pink tu hari ni, inner puteh ngan
cardigan pink tu, mak suka yg longgar longgar,
misia jangan pakai yang ketat sangat tau!
ibu gi kelas.. duduk sebelah ayuni macam biasa.
Dia tengok mak jer dia dah tahu.. owh owh..
the adult misia is here for today. humm..
which makes me think that u'r definitely be acting childish
all day kan. anak ibu yg comel nih..

si farid kacau ibu lagi hari ni, dia tanya kenapa tak pegi
somewhere.. misia ada janji apa dengan dia semalam?
lenkali kalau ada apa apa janji, bagi tau la dlm diari nii.
nasib baik ibu pandai kaver heh.

Things For u to know:
1) kad library dah settle, tp tak cukup duit.
gi library cari cik karim utk byr lg 32 hinggit.
2) ayuni pinjam cd search in concert tu, sila follow up
3) Abah bli ikan bilis tadi, nasi lemak kot besok...
4) Ms karen ...
... and the list goes on till number 17)
misia stood up and smile while checking the library card
with her own face in pink cardigan on it. A slight smile
just like how her mother would smile in every photo she
had taken when she's still alive.
Pick up her K770i and check on the photo taken yesterday,
including the SMS and phone calls.

This is how misia spends her first 30 minutes every morning
for the last 3 weeks. Updates on her life when she is not... 'in'


HEMY said...

tak paham aku layan mcam baca novel..nais

attyfir said...

rajinnya abah masak..

fairuzniza said...

menape tak paham? :(

PuanPepel said...

ada pulak sambung2 kan skng ni...hehe....

Pocket said...

susah nak bagi paham,
sebab pocket dah tahu citer,
bagi pocket karangan ni dah cukup...
tp bg yg tak tahu, maybe kelam kelibut sikit.

Ibu dah tak der, abah la masak

susah wo nak bagi paham yang ni,
baca yg no dua yer..

dari dulu lg ada bersambung dik...